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If you’ve been told it’s too late to start prepping...if you’ve been told it’s too expensive to start prepping...if you think most prepping guides are too complicated...if you have little ones, not just yourself to think of...if you think most preppers seem, well - a little obsessive...this is the prepping guide for you!  

Prepper Parents! is a brief, easy-to-understand guide designed to walk you through preparedness for everything from short-term natural disasters to long-term economic collapse. This guide uses flagged action items as well as common-sense tips to help you decide on a plan for you and your family. 

You’ll see checklists to follow for getting a bug-out bag stocked on a budget, defense, heat and shelter, medical and dental supplies, personal hygiene, finance and bartering, and much more! Chapters on food and water will teach you quickly how to achieve a clean, drinkable water supply and which food items taste best, carry lightest, and store longest. 

Filled with special ideas for parents with children, this guide is your starting place for common-sense readiness.

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