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Publisher's Summary

There are many mysterious characters in the Bible. Even those we know much about are still a mystery. In my estimation, the most mysterious and most misunderstood is Melchizedek. Only one other person comes to my mind who is a close second in his enigmatic nature, and that is Enoch. We know more about Enoch than we do about Melchizedek.

If you look up Melchizedek, you will find many people claiming to be of the Melchizedek order. You will also find reference to Melchizedek as an “Ascended Master”. This is a newer development and I would say a tad New Age, with basis only in channeled wisdom. Since that evidence relies on channeled material, I will not include it in this audiobook since there is no way for me to confirm the veracity of the claims. The ancient texts are more concrete about who Melchizedek is. Despite the texts being more definitive, he is still enigmatic, and his nature changes over time. 

In this audiobook, I will examine Melchizedek throughout the various traditions in which he is found. I will attempt to use the language of the source material I used to add clarity. 

Here is what I will cover in this audiobook:

  • I will shed light on the meaning and origin of the “name” Melchizedek. 
  • I will examine Melchizedek in the Old Testament. It is here where he first appears. 
  • I will examine his role in the New Testament and how various Christian denominations understood Melchizedek. 
  • We will take a brief tour through the Dead Sea Scrolls to see how he is portrayed. In this text, he is an enemy of Belial. 
  • Melchizedek is found in early Rabbinic texts. It is in these documents that his identity changes. 
  • There are a few references to Melchizedek in the Gnostic Gospels and the Apocrypha. I will examine these sources further. 
  • I will examine the writings of the historians Josephus and Philo and how they understood Melchizedek. 
  • Finally, I will present two short but powerful Kabbalistic meditations you can do to tap into his energy. You will not want to miss that. 

Let us begin.

©2018 Baal Kadmon (P)2018 Baal Kadmon

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