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What if I don’t accept my extra weight? What if it doesn’t depend on the body type in vogue this year? What if it doesn’t relate to my life as a single? What if it’s just a matter of not appreciating the fact that my belly looks like my rear end and sometimes I wake up thinking I twisted my head backward in my sleep?

There is no body shaming here! This audiobook is about taking a distance from the demonization of the word “fat”. It’s about being fat, owning it, and most of all laughing about it while seeking happiness.

Today there is so much talk about weight issues in the world, on every platform, in every direction, so my friends, there is no revelation on this topic. It’s just my personal bubbly perspective of the overweight life and how I have recently gotten back on track and made peace with myself, through irony and giggles.

 I’m sure you will all feel better and lighter when you finish listening to this (I said “feel”).

©2018 Maria Louise Tammaro (P)2019 Maria Louise Tammaro

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