• Deep Soul Lowdown

  • Words + Music | Vol. 16
  • By: Gary Clark Jr.
  • Narrated by: Gary Clark Jr.
  • Length: 1 hr and 41 mins
  • 4.8 out of 5 stars (1,370 ratings)
Deep Soul Lowdown  By  cover art

Deep Soul Lowdown

By: Gary Clark Jr.
Narrated by: Gary Clark Jr.

Publisher's summary

Before Gary Clark Jr.’s first major-label album even debuted, the music world had already labeled him the rightful torchbearer of the blues. In his new Audible Original, Deep Soul Lowdown, the soft-spoken Texas guitar hero unpacks the gravity (and limitations) of such towering expectations as he recounts his astonishing life journey from teenage phenomenon to inheritor of the very mantle of his mentors.

Combining intimate storytelling with seven of his most powerful tracks, including “When My Train Pulls In”, “Bright Lights”, and “This Land”, Clark reveals how an artist, firmly rooted in American musical tradition, has also succeeded in carving out his own unique path forward. Listen to the progression of a modern-day legend whose electrifying talent is matched only by his distinct authenticity.

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About the Creator and Performer

Gary Clark Jr.’s 2010 Warner Bros. debut release Bright Lights EP became the first EP ever to get the lead review in Rolling Stone, which wrote, "A genuine 21st-century bluesman, raised on the form in all its roughneck roadhouse glory but marked by the present day? That’s been as hard to find as a 21st century clockmaker." But Rolling Stone may have really been on to something when the magazine got past his prodigious licks and added, "Suddenly you can envision him dueting with Adele, swapping tunes with Jack Johnson or singing hooks for Nas."
His latest album, This Land, which earned him 3 Grammy Awards, is sure to be seen as a breakthrough in establishing just how much stylistic variation Clark has at his command. You can think of him as one of the last of the real rock gods, along with fellow master singer/guitarists like Jack White, John Mayer, or the late, great Prince, and the new album certainly won’t do anything to diminish that perception. But This Land is also a great soul record—one in which it’s easy to hear the lineage that connects Muddy Waters and Childish Gambino, Marvin Gaye and D’Angelo.
It’s clear that Gary Clark Jr. is a rock-and-soul omnivore who can survey the entire landscape of American music—not just the blues with which he’s so often associated, but reggae, punk, R&B and hip-hop, too— and say: This land was made for you and me.