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Declutter Your Mind

7 Easy Steps to Follow to Pave Your Way to Success and Simplifying Life for a Happier You
Narrated by: Cliff Weldon
Length: 1 hr and 15 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Do simple decisions leave you confused? Do you feel frustrated over simple things in life? Are you facing problems in moving on from your past? Are relationships making you feel constrained? Then you are not alone. Even simple joys have become difficult in this modern, fast-paced life.

People are finding it more and more difficult to feel happy and satisfied. In spite of all the luxuries and comforts, the mental peace and satisfaction are entirely missing. The unending mental clutter and chaos are pushing the current generation toward addictions, substance abuse, and loneliness. People are drifting apart from relationships and happiness. The satisfaction level of this age has reached an all-time low. 

Clarity of thought is the biggest piece of this puzzle. We are living in an age where getting confused while buying the groceries is even normal. It raises no red flags. We remain puzzled and absentminded for no reason and never try to find the reasons. The sanity of mind in the true sense is entirely missing. Peace of mind has become a luxury.

  • The rate of job changes is the highest, and there is a lot of indecisiveness.
  • People are finding it more and more difficult to maintain relationships.
  • Negativity and apathy have become a normal state of affair.
  • The greed to get more and more is increasing, but it is fetching little satisfaction.
  • Our happiness has become dependent upon others.

You will find the ways to:

  • Let go of the baggage of the past - It will help you in realizing the ways in which the past is tormenting you. It will pave your way to get over the negative impact of past easily.
  • Eliminate negative thought patterns - Pessimism has become a norm these days. Our attitude is becoming more and more depressing, and it is causing great damage to our personality and attitude.
  • End continuous mind chatter - Constant banging of thought is a reason of great distress. This audiobook will reveal the ways to achieve greater mental peace.
  • Curate your desires - We are aspiring for more and more, but it is bringing us less and less satisfaction. This imbalance is causing great miseries and making us discontent. This audiobook will reveal the ways to curate your desires for a more content life.
  • Take ownership of your own happiness - We are an unhappy generation. We have everything at our disposal besides real happiness. Our happiness has identified with several things other than us. This audiobook will reveal the ways to take ownership of your happiness.
  • Cultivate nourishing relationships - We are getting distant from everyone. This book discusses the reasons and solutions for the problem.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits - Some lifestyle habits can make leading a simple and happy life very easy.
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