The best science fiction audiobooks of 2020


Thank the stars for these stories that took us
out of this world and into another.

By Jackson Musker
Performed by Octavia Chavez-Richmond, James Ludwig, Pun Bandhu, Lizan Mitchell, a full cast

Just when you think sci-fi can no longer surprise you, a production like this comes along and adds a whole new dimension to the genre. It’s hard to imagine a story like this—told through two astronauts’ dispatches on a mission to a distant moon—could be told in any other way than audio. It’s at turns emotional, harrowing, atmospheric, funny, poignant. Though Jackson Musker’s writing shines on its own, the full cast truly takes this story where none has gone before—with Octavia Chavez-Richmond and James Ludwig brilliantly leading the way as the intrepid explorers.