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Best of the Best For the Whole Family

For the Whole Family

The Best Family Audiobooks for All Ages

Sharing stories with your family can leave a lasting impression. As a parent, you probably remember the magic of having a book read aloud to you as a kid, and family audiobooks offer that same experience for your own children. Whether you’re looking to help increase literacy or discover the joy of group listening, our list has some of the best family audiobooks, from best sellers to newcomer favorites. Here are the best family audiobooks.

The Best Audiobooks for Kids

Whether you’re getting ready to embark on a cross-country road trip with the whole family or just want a new chapter book to enjoy at bedtime, the captivating stories on this list are a great place to start. Each a tale of whimsy and adventure brought to life through talented voice actors like Jim Dale, Kate Winslet, Neil Patrick Harris, and more, these imaginative listens—fan favorites, classics, and newcomers alike—are sure to be loved.

The Best YA Audiobooks for Listeners of All Ages

Young adult audiobooks offer some of the most affecting, original stories that, despite the genre’s name, make an excellent choice for all listeners. Unforgettably poignant coming-of-age stories, hopeful tales of youth resistance, and brave teens reckoning with questions that stump even the wisest adults are at the heart of this exceptional genre. Our list features diverse characters and ensembles that will make it impossible to press pause.

10 Best Audiobooks for Couples

While it’s commonly believed that relationship-centric audiobooks are only for people struggling in their partnerships, nothing could be further from the truth. Even the most loving relationships take commitment, nurturing, and hard work to maintain. With the help of insights from scientists, therapists, and other professionals, you can listen to effective strategies for creating and preserving a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

10 of the Best Parenting Advice Books

Children don’t come with an instruction manual for parents—but don't panic. We have a list of 10 amazing audiobooks about parenting, packed with information and guidance, so that you'll know what to do even when you feel totally clueless. Audiobooks are a great way to absorb parenting advice, even when you're so busy and find it hard to make time to read. From sleepless newborns to rebellious teenagers, we've got you covered.

10 Best Audiobooks for Tweens

Finding the perfect audiobook for your tween can be incredibly difficult. In fact, it can feel downright impossible to find great stories that are thematically mature enough to interest and challenge young listeners without veering over the edge into inappropriately adult content. Thankfully, there are many authors who thread this needle artfully. We’ve rounded up great stories to capture your tween’s attention and captivate their growing mind.

Young Adult Romance Audiobook Series That'll Leave You Starry-Eyed

Some of the best young adult romance books come in series, with characters you can fall for, and then follow from book to book. If you’re looking for the best YA romance audiobook series for marathon listening, we’ve got a list of series with heart-thrumming romance stories to give you all the feels. Get ready to have a twinkle in your eye.

10 Best Parenting Audiobooks

As many parents know all too well, there’s no official guide on how to raise your child. From all the ways you can show love and affection to the more difficult task of helping them grow through discipline, each kid—and each family—is unique, with their own priorities, challenges, and needs. That’s why it’s so important to find the parenting advice and approach that best speaks to you. This list of audiobooks is an excellent place to start.

10 Great Audiobooks to Help Kids Love History

If you’ve got a young one who is inquisitive about the past, audio biographies for kids are a great way to foster that curiosity. We’ve rounded up 10 kid-friendly biographies of important, diverse, and trailblazing figures in American history, perfect for augmenting and complementing what kids are already learning in school. These biographies are perfect for independent listening, or you can enjoy them together as a family for deeper discussion.

Best Audiobooks for Middle Schoolers

There’s nothing quite like middle school. It’s a time of major change, anxiety, and lots of awkwardness—and no one knows that better than middle grade writers! Luckily for the middle schooler in your life, there are some great stories about navigating the ups and downs of friendships, family, first crushes, big changes, and so much more. We’ve collected some of the best audiobooks that focus on the experience of being a kid in middle school.

The Best Back-to-School Audiobooks for Young Listeners

Going back to school—or starting for the very first time—can be anxiety inducing, exhilarating, freeing, and an all-around big moment for kids under any circumstances. This year, the specifics of back-to-school may vary, but the feelings will inevitably remain the same: new year, fresh notebooks, budding friendships, intriguing teachers, and that pit-of-the-stomach excitement of heading into the unknown.

Best Young Adult Audiobook Series to Listen to Right Now

Is there any better feeling in the world than discovering a new young adult book series to devour? Whether you're into epic fantasy, the supernatural, rom-coms, or a great mystery, there is definitely a YA book series out there for you. And in audio, there’s the added benefit of talented narrators bringing these stories to life in exciting ways. We've compiled 20 of the best completed and ongoing YA audiobook series out there and broken them down by genre.

The Best Kids Audiobook Series for Every Young Listener

Audiobooks are a great resource for children, whether they are just learning to read or already voracious readers. Studies show that listening to audiobooks has a positive effect on their developing minds, and listening to stories with great narration and voices help kids engage more with a story. We've chosen a variety of great audiobook series for kids and broken them down into age groups to make it easier to find an option for your family.

The Best Audiobooks for Moms

Moms are some of the hardest working, most resourceful, and most amazing people on this planet. The audiobooks on this list show appreciation to all the moms of this world, from new moms to single moms, from moms with adult children to moms who have lost their children. If you're a mom or if you know a mom who needs a listen to boost her spirits, offer reassurance, or simply speak to her, you're sure to find the right one here.

The Best Audiobooks for Dads

Let's show our appreciation for fathers—whether they're a birth parent, an adoptive parent, a father figure, or a dad-to-be. We all know how important these men are, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the dad in your life, an audiobook might just fit the bill. No matter your dad’s favorite genre, you’ll find the perfect listen in our guide, from informative histories to crime thrillers to touching memoirs to great celebrity comedies and beyond.

The Best Audiobooks for Toddlers

You already know how your toddler delights in story time, and how telling stories is a wonderful way to help your child develop vocabulary, listening skills, creativity, empathy, and more. But have you considered sharing story time with audiobooks? Listening to audiobooks provides toddlers with many of the same benefits as traditional books, and incorporating them into your routine is a great way to add variety to the activities you do with your child.

The Best Kids' Bedtime Audiobooks

Establishing and maintaining a bedtime routine for young children is essential. After they've brushed their teeth and put on their pajamas, it's good for little ones to have a little extra time to wind down before going to sleep. And the perfect way to make this time of relaxation and calm a part of your child's routine every night is through audio bedtime stories. These beloved audio bedtime stories are sure to ease active little ones into restful slumber.

Come and Play with the Residents of Sesame Street

Sesame Street is not only the longest-running children's television show of all time, debuting in 1969—it’s one of the longest-running TV shows ever, period. The series has been on the air for more than 50 seasons, and it remains popular among both children and adults. The heart and soul of Sesame Street is undoubtedly its cast of quirky, lovable characters. So, who are the inhabitants of this celebrated street? Here’s a guide to all its residents.

The Best Young Adult Audiobooks to Listen to as a Grown Woman

While interests may change over time, age does not have to be the deciding factor in what games you play, what movies you watch, or what books you enjoy. The young adult audiobooks on this list are truly timeless: grownup listeners can relate to YA classics in a whole new way or find new favorites among more recent offerings.

The Best Podcasts for Every Type of Parent

Parenting in the 21st century certainly comes with its own set of challenges. Fortunately, today's parents have an abundance of resources at their fingertips—including podcasts. Looking for advice on how to better raise your child? Seeking reassurance from parents who have been through struggles similar to your own? Or maybe you simply need a quick laugh break from your parenting routine? Podcasts are the way to go.