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Best of the Best for Business and Tech Enthusiasts

For Business & Tech Enthusiasts

20 Best Business Audiobooks to Launch Your Next Career Move

From networking to setting goals to working smarter, from improving collaboration with your team to inspiring innovation, there are numerous areas you can develop and strengthen to advance in your career. And whether you want to build your own business, stand out among job candidates, or become a more effective communicator or better leader, these outstanding business audiobooks deliver proven strategies and straightforward advice.

20 Best Investment Audiobooks to Trade Like a Pro

Thanks to the ever-changing nature of the economy, beginners and seasoned investment professionals alike have to stay on top of their game, always looking for the little bit of knowledge that will help them remain one step ahead of the curve. Whether you’re bearish or bullish, with a large portfolio or a limited budget, there’s the perfect audiobook in our store that will provide the perspectives and lessons you need to challenge yourself and grow.

20 Best Finance Audiobooks for Amateurs and Masters Alike

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting serious about wealth building, there’s sure to be a finance audiobook that will provide you not only with useful information, but also with a listening experience to keep you engaged and focused. With this list, we’ve gathered everything you need to get started, from changing your money mindset and habits to getting comfortable with risk, and stay on track with increasing your net worth.

The 10 Best Real Estate Audiobooks for Beginners

Are you interested in investing in real estate? Look no further—our audiobook recommendations cover real estate investing for beginners, how investors make money, understanding financing and taxes, and even becoming a real estate agent. No matter your future goals, these audiobooks will help you learn the basics, so you will know how to start investing in real estate at a pace and level that work for you.

Big Ideas in Business and Tech

Even the most successful entrepreneurs had to start somewhere. When it comes to groundbreaking technology, the people who became leading business executives often began as lone visionaries with nothing but an idea. Now that they’re global industry leaders, many of them have shared their amazing stories in memoirs. These tales of heartbreak and triumph will bring you along on the roller-coaster of success.

Listens for Millennials on a Budget

Like any other generation, millennials are just trying to survive amidst the messes that decades prior left them. It has never been harder to afford rent or car payments or health insurance than it is now. And that’s certainly not the fault of millennials. If you’re a young adult trying to save money for your future, but don’t know how or if it’s even possible for you, here’s a selection of audiobooks featuring budgeting tips geared toward millennials.

Best Trading Audiobooks for Improving Your Financial Savvy

When it comes to personal finance and the stock market, expert advice abounds—it can feel like you need advice on which advice to take. And for those who specialize in trading, most investment guides are not specific enough. When dealing with the high stakes associated with trading, either as a hobby or a career, it’s essential to seek out advice from genuine authorities—like the authors of these audiobooks.

20 Best Marketing Audiobooks for Conquering the Industry

Though it may seem effortless, behind every advertisement and promotion is an entire team of professionals making a series of choices in order to convey a given message or sell a particular product. Honing your marketing skills and learning insider secrets is a surefire way to reach people and make your voice heard at work and beyond. We’ve curated a list of the top 20 marketing audiobooks to help you master the ins-and-outs of the industry.

10 Best Real Estate Audiobooks for the Aspiring Property Mogul

Becoming a real estate mogul doesn’t happen overnight, but listening to these real estate audiobooks can provide you with a solid understanding of the industry. At every stage of your career, it helps to hear the perspectives of experts who have tried, failed, and eventually succeeded in their field. Whether you’re a seasoned realtor or just getting started, these are 10 of the best real estate audiobooks for anyone looking to sharpen their skills.

The Best Data Science Audiobooks and Podcasts

One of today's most important and most exciting fields, data science incorporates statistics, algorithms, scientific methods, programming skills, and more to draw insights and value from data for everything from creating targeted marketing campaigns to advancing medical research. We've used our own analytical skills to select the very best data science audiobooks and podcasts to be your guide.