Submission Guidelines

Audible Inc. has announced the establishment of fund up to $5 million ("Theater Fund") dedicated to the commission and development of innovative English-language works from playwrights around the globe. The fund will support the creation of one- and two-person audio plays driven by language and voice, in keeping with Audible’s core commitment to elevating listening experiences through powerful performances of brilliantly composed words.

To be considered to be a recipient of a portion of the Theater Fund and awarded a commission by Audible, please submit all of the following to
1. One full-length script for an original or adapted play (in English language only) that represents your "voice" ("Script"). The Script can be in any genre and may include one-acts, musicals and solo pieces;
2. A short biography; and
3. A brief statement about why audio plays appeal to you.


Anybody over the age of 18 may submit a Script. Employees or independent contractors, or immediate family members (spouses, domestic partners, parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and grandchildren) or those living in the same household of employees or independent contractors of Audible LLC, Amazon or any entity involved in any aspect of the Theatre Fund may not submit a Script for consideration.


Submissions are accepted year-round. Due to the number of Scripts that Audible receives, Audible is only able to accept one Script at a time from the same author and cannot consider resubmissions, including those that have been significantly revised. Thanks in advance for your patience while we process your Script; our typical response time is 6-8 months.


All submissions must be the original creations of the entrants. By submitting a Script, each entrant represents and warrants that (a) his/her Script is his/her original creation and (b) his/her Script is the sole and exclusive property of the entrant. Audible may disqualify any entrant whose Script Audible determines, in its sole discretion, at any time not to comply with any requirement described in these Guidelines or the foregoing representations and warranties.

Entrant understand and acknowledge that Audible (i) receives numerous submissions of show ideas and creative materials from third parties, and (ii) is constantly developing ideas, formats, stories, concepts, artwork, music, and the like, and (iii) many such submissions received or Audible original developments may be similar to or identical to those contained in a Script. You understand and agree that Audible’s use of material containing elements similar to or identical with the Script shall not obligate Audible to any entrant in any manner if Audible developed or obtained such material either independently or from sources other than a particular Script.

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