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'My Favorite Murder' Co-Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark Kill It With Their New Memoir
Very few people can pull off a comedy podcast about true crime but that's exactly what Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark did with their hit My Favorite Murder. It helps that they're naturally funny and have an easy rapport that... Read now
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Dale Maharidge's New Audible Original Shows How The Effects Of War Trauma Linger Long After The Fighting Stops
In this intimate interview, Pulitzer Prize-winner Dale Maharidge shares how he made peace with his past through the journey to find his father's fallen Army friend on Okinawa. Read now
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Lily Dodd's 'Search and Rescue' Wins With Its Badass Heroine You'll Love
College student Lily Dodd answered Cosmopolitan and Audible's call for a hot new romance last summer and saw her mountain-climbing characters rise to the top. Read now
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Lauren Blakely Romances Her Way Into Your Heart
Best-selling romance author Lauren Blakely routinely delights fans with her prolificness and innovative ways of bringing her books to life in audio, and there's honestly nothing she'd rather do. Read now
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Lori Gottlieb's Engaging New Memoir Shows Therapy Is Really About Making Connections
Therapist and journalist Lori Gottlieb achieves a double delight with her entertaining and therapeutic memoir that takes you into the therapy room and allows us to see her as both the therapist and the patient. Read now
Hearing About Adoption And A Specific Kind Of Otherness Helps To Round Out Some Life Stories
For editor Aaron Schwartz, wanting to listen to more adoption narratives or make literary connections to his birth family was a search for community that never negated his joy with the life and family he gained. Read now