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Author Tade Thompson On The 'Frankenstein of Influences' That Helped Create His Buzzy Sci-fi Debut 'Rosewater'
Two years after he published his second novel, the talented author is seeing his complex Nigeria-set work get new life. He shares what it all means with editor Sam Pagan. Read now
A Conversation With Iron Druid Chronicles Author Kevin Hearne and Narrator Luke Daniels
The lauded duo met up with Audible to discuss their hit Urban Fantasy series, the Iron Druid Chronicles, as the last in the series, 'Scourged', launched. Read now
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Debut Author and Industry Darling Tomi Adeyemi on How Much Representation Matters, The Magical Powers of Fantasy, and Why Angie Thomas is Everything
The author of "Children of Blood and Bone," the hottest YA debut of the season, talked to us in the weeks leading up to launch and discussed what it's like to be part of a cultural movement. Read now
Celebrate Canada With Some Of Its (And The World's) Best Genre Fiction
To celebrate the launch of Audible Canada, we're delving into the unique perspective that our Northern neighbors bring to genres like sci-fi, mystery, thriller, and romance. Read now
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For Some Lucky Fans, Writing A Star Wars Novel Is A Dream Come True
We were wondering just how one can go from writing fan fiction to being a full-on contributor to the official Star Wars universe--some of the most well-known authors of Star Wars novels. Read now
Books Where Eclipses Loom Large
Here are the novels whose narratives are set in motion, in part, due to the power of an eclipse. Read now
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'The X-Files: Cold Cases' - Meet The Modern Audio Drama
Something is chasing FBI agent Dana Scully. It’s not clear what it is, but its wordless screams inspire horror. Gillian Anderson pants, and her voice grows strained, her footsteps becoming faster and louder. She runs down a hallway that echoes... Read now