The Listening Life
Homeschool Help: Listening Adds Up To Learning
As more U.S. families are opting to teach kids at home, a new indispensable school supply emerges: audiobooks. Here's how these parents are using them. Read now
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M.R. Carey Has All The Gifts, Really
Between his screenplays, adaptations of Marvel comics, and best-selling sci-fi novels, the British author has amassed a heap of fans. He chats with one of them, Audible Editor Sam Pagan. Read now
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Jazz Jennings: In Her Own Words
The transgender teen and activist speaks out about identity, her remarkable personal journey (so far), and narrating her new memoir. Read now
The Listening Life
What To Listen To When Traveling The World With Kids
The Adamos did what many of us dream of doing and took their kids on a year-plus trip around the world. Here's what they listened to along the way to deepen their experiences and education. Read now
Arts & Culture
Roald Dahl Would Be 100 Today, And We Would Be Different People Without Him
Celebrate with excerpts from your favorite books, voiced by Hugh Laurie, Kate Winslet, Stephen Fry, and others -- including Roald Dahl himself. Read now
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My Son James And The Book That Saved Us
Audible's own Andrew Robinton and his wife were in the pediatric ICU, unable to pick up their infant son, when they discovered another way to comfort him. Read now