John Scalzi on Hidden History, British Sci-Fi, and More Listens He Loves

From space action to noir heaven, the sci-fi master reveals five must-hear gems in Audible Plus.

It is no secret we are a little bit obsessed with the master of mind-bending science fiction, John Scalzi. His highly anticipated sequel in The Dispatcher series, Murder By Any Other Means, is another audio-first thrill ride with a bonkers premise (murder victims tend to come back to life, so designated dispatchers step in to execute intentional kills), performed by the epically talented Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto. We asked Scalzi to highlight some of his favorite listens in the Audible Plus catalog and, true to form, he delivered.

Embers of War

''Already a star in the UK science fiction scene, Gareth Powell is ready to take this side of the Atlantic by storm with this blazing take on space action. The first in a series that you'll want to follow.''

St. Vincent: Words + Music

''From one of the coolest and most intriguing musical artists of the 21st century, this one takes us behind the lyrics in a compelling way. A short but essential listen for music lovers.''

Dutch Girl

''Before the glamour and glitz, Audrey Hepburn had to survive the greatest war humanity has known. This is how she did it, narrated by Tavia Gilbert, one of my favorite audiobook readers.''

What If?

''Internet sensation Randall Munroe teams up with celebrity nerd Wil Wheaton to take on the lighter side of science, with results that are both hilarious and informative.''

The Maltese Falcon

''One of the greatest crime novels of all time, narrated by one of the great audio narrators of all time—the late and very much lamented William Dufris. A noir match made in heaven.''

All selections above are included for members as part of the Audible Plus catalog.


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