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My Big Little Corner Of Nowhere
Isaac Gomez, playwright and author of Audible Original 'The Way She Spoke', shares what it was like after his hometown of El Paso endured this year's devastating massacre. Read now
By Jeremiah Barber Arts & Culture
With Pablo Escobar's Colombia as Backdrop, One Author Expertly Tackles Themes of Family, Friendship, and Immigration
Author Ingrid Rojas Contreras shares how her cartel-tinged novel 'Fruit of the Drunken Tree' revisits a nation's violent history through the eyes of a child. Read now
No Guilty Pleasure Here: Why Ethically Executed True Crime Has My Heart
Editor Kat Johnson professes her love of well-done true crime books that strike the right balance between telling an engaging tale and being salacious. Read now
A Dark Fixation: Psychopaths In Literature
A certain type of character has always inspired awe, revulsion, fear, and arousal. But as our understanding deepens, so does our appreciation for the well-written psychopath. Read now
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We Still Have A Crack Problem
A new Audible documentary series, '100:1 The Crack Legacy,' traces combative policing's roots to extreme policies made during the 1980s 'war on drugs.' Read now
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The Informed Imagination Of Don Winslow
How the bestselling crime novelist continues to take on all sides of the narco-trafficking universe, from cartels to cops, with astonishing vividness and plausibility. Read now
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Scandal List: The Sounds That Brought Them Down
Here are some of the most prominent people who've "Jinxed" themselves by getting caught on tape. Read now