A Dark Fixation: Psychopaths In Literature
A certain type of character has always inspired awe, revulsion, fear, and arousal. But as our understanding deepens, so does our appreciation for the well-written psychopath. Read now
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We Still Have A Crack Problem
A new Audible documentary series, '100:1 The Crack Legacy,' traces combative policing's roots to extreme policies made during the 1980s 'war on drugs.' Read now
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The Informed Imagination Of Don Winslow
How the bestselling crime novelist continues to take on all sides of the narco-trafficking universe, from cartels to cops, with astonishing vividness and plausibility. Read now
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Scandal List: The Sounds That Brought Them Down
Here are some of the most prominent people who've "Jinxed" themselves by getting caught on tape. Read now