Explore Hispanic Heritage Month with 11 Audiobooks for Kids

We’ve collected some of our favorite tales for kids by Latino authors for children to enjoy solo or with the whole family. Listen to culture-rich stories. Share these childhood favorites in Spanish and enjoy Latino voices for kids with the whole family.

Celebrate decades of bold storytelling by Latino authors that the whole family will love. From the ranches of Mexico to the United States Supreme Court, there's plenty to discover this National Hispanic Heritage Month. These stories feature contributions of Hispanic Americans and Latino authors from many Latin American countries. Listen to poetry together with your child. Hear stories from children's books packed with creativity and culture. We're celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by lifting up powerful Latino voices while bringing families together.

Dreams from Many Rivers

The many voices of Latinos in America have been silenced throughout the centuries, but author Margarita Engle now welcomes them to speak through her poetry. In Dreams from Many Rivers, take a dive into American history through the eyes of Latinos who have been contributing through the centuries. Explore the varied impacts of immigrants from Latin America, plus the ways Latino people have influenced US culture, history, and more. Listen as a family and learn more about the struggles and triumphs of Latino community members from the beginning of the US to the present day. Latin America has always been our neighbor; here's how her people have been a part of us.

Harvesting Hope

When prominent civil rights leaders come to mind, Cesar Chavez should be one of the names you think of. This is the powerful true story of how Chavez, as a boy who saw the way his family toiled in the fields for barely enough money to survive, thought: "This can change." And as he grew, Chavez was the one to change it. He campaigned for the rights of migrant farmworkers in California. He even led a peaceful protest march for 340 miles to bring attention to the ways migrant workers were suffering for America's agriculture industry. Cesar Chavez raised his voice in defense of the people who needed him. And America couldn’t do anything but listen. Harvesting Hope is an inspiring true story of the push for farmworkers' rights in California and beyond.

She Persisted: Sonia Sotomayor

Who said Latina women can't be judges? Sonia Sotomayor is one of the many women throughout history who looked at the limits placed on them by others and decided to rise above them. This chapter audiobook explores her road to becoming the first Latina Supreme Court Justice in US history. Her road wasn't easy... still, she persisted. Sotomayor came across many obstacles on her way to becoming one of the most powerful judges in the country, including a diabetes diagnosis at age seven and racism and sexism. An uplifting listen for young people, She Persisted is all about how Sonia Sotomayor pushed through challenges to achieve her dream and make a difference in America.


Yuyi Morales was 25 when she moved from Yelapa, Mexico, to the San Francisco Bay Area with her two-month-old son, Kelly. Even without speaking any English, Yuyi hoped to build a better future for her small family. With the help of a kind children's librarian, she learned how to speak and read English alongside her son through picture books. In this moving audiobook, Yuyi Morales shares her struggles and triumphs as an immigrant and a single mom. Dreamers captures one mother's quest to realize the American Dream by finding a permanent home for herself and her son.

Areli es una dreamer

With all the controversy over DACA, the Deferred-Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, it’s easy to lose sight of the young people it affects. In this poignant audiobook, Latina author Areli Morales shares her story as a DACA Dreamer. When Areli was a baby, her parents and brother moved from Mexico to New York City. When she was a kindergartener, they sent for her too. Areli traded sun-soaked fiestas with her abuela and cousins for the loud streets of NYC and the teasing of peers who didn't understand her Latino heritage. Follow Areli through her moving tale of finding a new home in America. Areli Is a Dreamer will captivate young listeners with its heartfelt story of immigration and hope for a better future.

My Papa Diego and Me/Mi papa Diego y yo

Guadalupe Rivera Marín grew up surrounded by art. Her father, Diego Rivera, was famous for bringing Latino culture to life in paint. Diego is celebrated for his vivid images of industrial machines and flowers, and of the everyday joys and struggles of the people of Mexico. He also loved to paint children. In My Papa Diego and Me, Guadalupe tells tender and humorous stories about her larger-than-life father that will delight listeners of all ages. She also shares the lessons she learned from her papá about hard work, dedication, and making the most of your talents. A heartwarming listen, even if you've never heard of Diego Rivera, this audiobook is available in English and Spanish.

The Poet Slave of Cuba

Introduce your kids to the profound power of poetry. A biography accompanied by a beautiful, haunting collection of poems, The Poet Slave of Cuba brings to life the story of a Cuban slave who escaped to become a celebrated poet. Follow Juan Francisco Manzano, born into a household of a wealthy slave owner in 1787, as he navigates the harsh cruelties and hidden joys of life.

Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with this soulful biography of salsa superstar Celia Cruz. Travel the world with the musical sensation as she dances her way to stardom with her home country always in her heart. You can't help but sing along with this lyrical tribute narrated by professional musicians. An irresistible Latino listen, Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa is full of character and great fun.


Celebrate creativity, diversity and the power of the imagination with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Díaz's delightful debut audiobook for children. Islandborn follows Lola as she explores her heritage with the help of family and friends. Lola's abuela says it best: 'Just because you don't remember a place doesn't mean it's not in you.' The best part? This listen is enriched with musical moments your kids will love.

Esperanza Rising

From fancy dresses to a beautiful home, Esperanza Ortega has everything she could ever want. But when tragedy strikes, she loses everything she’s ever known. In the face of unimaginable adversity, Esperanza is reminded of what matters most: family. Esperanza Rising is a touching listen and a voice for those who have been denied one. Trini Alvarado performs this soaring audiobook.

Drum Dream Girl

Who says girls can't be drummers? Based on a true story, Drum Dream Girl reveals how one girl's determination and courage changed music for good. Listeners will follow an inspirational young girl who broke Cuba's traditional taboo against women drummers by challenging cultural norms. This is a story for young dreamers everywhere who are drumming up bright ideas for an even brighter future.

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