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A Day in the Life: Audible Employee Elodie Martinez

For Elodie Martinez, every day at Audible is different. As a Senior Business Development Manager, she pursues unique partnership opportunities for Audible France, getting our product and messaging out by working with a variety of companies from telecommunications to travel. A Canadian citizen, Elodie was born in Benin, West Africa, studied in Paris, and made Toronto her home. Embracing the “challenge of starting over,” she now lives in Berlin with her family and has been working for Audible since 2017.

Tell us about what you do at Audible.

I’m part of the French marketing team, and focus on business development and partnerships. Basically, I identify and pursue innovative ways to increase awareness of Audible and attract new members through development deals and synergic companies. No day looks alike! I could be connecting with a telecommunications or a travel company one day, then a hotel, hospitality or food business the next.

What’s one partnership you’re really proud of?

My most memorable partnership was with Vinci Autoroutes, a private company that manages all highways in France. During the last holiday season, we gave all their customers two audiobooks to enjoy during their holiday travels. Customer feedback was overwhelming—some customers said the audiobooks had a calming effect on their children, making the trip more enjoyable; some said they had great laughs as a family. I consider it a win when Audible can create special moments in someone’s life.

How are you and your team managing working from home during this unprecedented time?

The first week was challenging with the unease of so many changes on such a short notice. However, things vastly improved when I came to the stage of acceptance. I realized that this is where the power lies, a regain of a sense of control—this is happening and I need figure out how to make it work.

The collaboration with the team has been great so far. Three times a week we have a thirty-minute call with the entire team, a sort of pulse check meeting. This is clearly not business as usual, but overall, I have found everyone engaged. Our business meetings are shorter, also more focused, and we try to be mindful of the family constraints faced by some team members. Our external partners are reaching out more, willing to explore new ways and type of partnerships.

I have personally scheduled virtual coffee break with some colleagues. It is important to maintain the personal connection. The support we received and continue to receive from the executive leadership team and our senior management in Europe has been outstanding too. It really makes a difference in this unprecedented time.

Tell us about your career journey.

I started my career as a buyer in the fashion industry. Before Audible, I spent eight years with a toy company in Toronto where I held different roles, the last one involving mergers and acquisitions. I worked on intellectual property such as Paw Patrol, which became a worldwide success, as many parents probably know! Then I moved to Europe to be with my partner. I thought, “Why not take another big jump?” and started at Audible in August 2017. I like the challenge of starting over—the personal growth that ensues always makes it worthwhile.

You’ve lived all over the world! How are you liking Berlin?

It’s been quite an adjustment, but the beauty is that the French team itself is really diverse and they have helped so much with the transition. When I’m not at work, I enjoy my daily 6am morning run, ice skating with my daughter and husband—I am not great at it but keep trying—hiking in the summer, and traveling.

Where would you like to see Audible go next?

We have a growing catalogue available in multiple languages. Our content has empowered and entertained millions of people in the world. I would love to see Audible available in more countries with unique content that will continue to delight our customers.


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