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CTO Tim Martin Shares What He’s Learned About Business Resilience

Tim Martin, Audible's CTO, is photographed against a neutral background. He is facing the camera and wearing glasses and a button down shirt.

“I'm really proud of what we accomplished during the pandemic in service to our customers,” says Audible’s CTO Tim Martin. “We stuck by our principles, yet evolved to meet these unprecedented challenges, where instantly we were all in a virtual world and very disrupted by what was happening.”

Martin leads our 600-strong tech team responsible for keeping Audible’s services seamless, adaptable, and always innovating. This is no small feat in a normal year, but the last year threw businesses worldwide for a major loop. At CIO’s 2021 Future of Business Resilience Summit, Martin shared some of the extraordinary ways in which Audible was able to delight listeners during the pandemic—and gives a look behind the scenes at the tech that made it all possible.

Watch his talk here:

Audible CTO Tim Martin and Maryfran Johnson, CEO of Maryfran Johnson Media, sit in side-by-side frames on a zoom call to hold a conversation for the CIO conference. Their rooms are seen behind them--a living room with gray couches for Maryfran and an office with a window for Tim--and their names and titles appear on the screen below them.


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