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Audible Joins the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing

A large group of women wearing t-shirts with Audible's logo pose together before an Audible Game Night sign.

Tens of thousands of women technologists from around the world travel to the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) every year. Named after the groundbreaking computer programmer, United States Navy rear admiral and Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree Grace Brewster Murray Hopper, it is the world’s largest technical conference for women in computing.

Audible proudly attends and supports the conference. This past September, nearly 30 Audible employees traveled to Houston, Texas, to hear top-tier speakers, attend professional development events, as well as network, mentor and recruit the next generation of tech talent.

These are a few of the highlights from the event.

The Scholars Reception

Chief People Officer Anne Erni spoke to more than 800 talented college students and academics at the Audible-sponsored Scholars Reception. Afterwards, Audible leaders mingled with up-and-coming tech talent.

Audible Coffee Cart

To keep everyone fueled throughout the event, Audible sponsored a coffee cart. It was also a great place for Audible employees to connect with conference attendees over caffeine and conversation.

Audible's Chief People Officer, Anne Erni, stands behind a podium giving a talk.
Chief People Officer Anne Erni at the Scholars Reception.
A large coffee cart with an Audible sign next to it.
The Audible coffee cart inspired connections.
Two women huddle together at a table looking at an Alexa device.
Audible employees conducted onsite interviews.
Two teams of women stand behind pink-lit podiums and face off against each other to answer a trivia question posted to a screen between them.
Audible's Jeopardy-themed game night.
Audible Game Night

For Audible's Game Night event, guests were bussed to a secret location where our Events Team transformed a warehouse into a sleek space, complete with a professional game show stage, an emcee and refreshments. One hundred and thirty attendees enjoyed a GHC-themed Jeopardy-style game and a game created by Audible employees incorporating Alexa technology.

"We were really able to showcase [our] unique Audible culture and create a memorable experience for GHC attendees. It was truly an event to remember."


Networking Dinner

Audible also hosted a Senior Networking Dinner designed to facilitate meaningful conversation for over a dozen leading women in tech.

"Being in the same space with so many women who share the optimism and ambition for change and opportunity was truly inspiring."

–JAMY BARTON, Senior Director of Tech Diversity

Onsite Interviews

Recruiting, too, was a major focus. Audible conducted over 100 on-site interviews over the course of GHC, connecting with talented candidates for software developer roles.

"The energy from the candidates we met was infectious. These women were such a smart and ambitious group of people. I even met a young woman who is a computer science major at our game night event who had been listening to Audible since the first grade. She was starstruck by meeting us and we are now considering her for a summer position at Audible."

–SARAH SONG, Director of TA Operations

The conference was mind blowing in many ways - to think that over 21,000 females in tech gather in one place to network, learn and have fun is inspiring. Grace Hopper's ability to draw strength in numbers will inspire younger women to enter the STEM field.
Anne ErniChief People Officer
A large group of women are posed together in front of a fence. The space shuttle looms behind them.
Audible employees at the Space Center in Houston, TX.