Audible brings jobs, hope to Newark, NJ

As Audible continues to engineer a new frontier of entertainment, CBS This Morning takes a look at our contributing role in Newark’s new chapter.

“Newark, New Jersey has seen its share of hard times. Most recently, like Flint, Michigan, it's found itself battling a lead water crisis, but a lot is looking up in the "Brick City." Some of the success is thanks to innovative, public-private partnerships like the one formed between the city and the audiobook company, Audible.” – CBS This Morning


Buy Local

To increase revenue for the local retail economy, we subsidize employees to go out and explore our Newark restaurants and businesses.

Hire Local

We actively recruit underserved talent from Newark and grow careers through direct training.

Live Local

To encourage employees to be firsthand participants in a great city’s transformation, we provide housing subsidies to employees who live in or move to Newark.