Tall, Dark and Dangerous
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    Prince Joe | Suzanne Brockmann

    Prince Joe

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 57 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Ashley Adlon
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Media consultant Veronica St. John has been hired to teach a rugged Navy SEAL to impersonate a European prince who's been targeted by terrorists. But one conversation and Veronica knows there's no way she can turn streetwise New Yorker Joe Catalanotto into nobility. Joe, on the other hand, is confident he's got what it takes. Two days isn't a lot of time to get the job done...but it's enough time to fall in love.

    Earlier Work - Still Worth the "Read"

    I fell in love with Brockmann's Best Selling Troubleshooters, and when i found this series I figured it was where she 'cut her teeth' - setting her up..Show More »

    Reviewed on September 29 2010 by R. D. MOORE (SW Florida)
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    Forever Blue | Suzanne Brockmann

    Forever Blue

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 46 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Ashley Adlon

    Lucy Tait has fantasized about Blue McCoy since high school. With the Navy SEAL back in town, nothing's changed...except that Lucy's a police officer and Blue's been charged with murder. As the investigation heats up, so does their relationship. Now they're working to save Blue's future - before they lose their hearts

    Better than the first one...

    I got into this book a lot more quickly and easily than the first of the series. I was doubtful after that one about continuing to read, but decided ..Show More »

    Reviewed on January 05 2013 by kytten (Rosemount, MN, United States)
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    Frisco's Kid | Suzanne Brockmann

    Frisco's Kid

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 31 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Lauren Fortgang

    Being a Navy SEAL is more than a career to Alan “Frisco” Francisco—it is his whole world. So when a bullet wound threatens his future in the Navy, he is determined to achieve a full recovery…all on his own. But his lovely neighbor Mia Summerton has other plans for him. She can’t mend his wounded body, but can she heal his heart?

    Enjoyed book & Narrator

    This was my first Navy Seals book by Brockman. I enjoyed the romance, real-life depiction of the life of an abused and abandoned child and a man who w..Show More »

    Reviewed on December 04 2010 by L.D. B. (Nashville, TN)
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    Everyday, Average Jones | Suzanne Brockmann

    Everyday, Average Jones

    • UNABRIDGED (9 hrs and 55 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Maia Guest

    All her life Melody Evans has wanted to marry a plain, average man who doesn’t take risks. But when the foreign embassy is taken over by terrorists and she’s rescued by a daring Navy SEAL, Melody blames the extreme circumstances for their ensuing passion. When it comes to ordinary, Harlan “Cowboy” Jones is anything but, and their encounter leaves Melody with a little more than just memories.

    Great Narrator, Loved the story

    One installment of the "Alpha Squad" SEALS. Truly enjoyed this book, narrator one of Audible's best and the characters believable. Definite..Show More »

    Reviewed on January 01 2011 by L.D. B. (Nashville, TN)
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    Harvard's Education | Suzanne Brockmann

    Harvard's Education

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 46 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Maia Guest

    Senior Chief "Harvard" Becker believes that there is no room for women in a combat zone. It's too dangerous, too tough, and with P. J. involved, too distracting. He might respect her sharp intellect and her shooting abilities, but he still doesn't want the responsibility of making sure she stays alive. But P. J. isn't a woman who backs down easily, and to her mind, Harvard has a lot to learn. She just doesn't expect him to be so eager to instruct her on other subjects, like trust, desire - and maybe even love.

    I enjoy All Suzanne Brockmann's Books

    I enjoy all of Suzanne Brockmann's books but what confused me on this one was the lead in announcer saying this book was read by Gabra Zackman, so I w..Show More »

    Reviewed on August 22 2011 by Bookbell (Kansas)
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    Hawken's Heart | Suzanne Brockmann

    Hawken's Heart

    • UNABRIDGED (7 hrs and 25 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Gabra Zackman
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Navy SEAL Crash Hawken awakens in a Washington, D.C., hospital to learn that he is the prime suspect in the assassination attempt on a commanding officer. Charged with treason, conspiracy and murder, he is alone - except for Nell Burns. Nell and Crash have a history - as friends, as lovers. And she knows he could not have committed these crimes. Soon they are on the run, determined to uncover what really happened the night of the attempted assassination. But first they have to survive another day.

    good story but painful narration

    Found the story to be one of the better ones of the series, but the narration was painful - the upward inflection at the end of every sentence (especi..Show More »

    Reviewed on May 30 2011 by Laurie ()
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    The Admiral's Bride | Suzanne Brockmann

    The Admiral's Bride

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 9 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Allyson Johnson

    When six canisters of a lethal nerve agent are stolen from a military testing lab, Admiral Jake Robinson must recover the chemicals - by any means necessary. He defies convention and decides to infiltrate the compound where religious fanatics have stored the deadly toxin.

    Susan Brockman at her best!

    This was a great story and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the story line and the narrator. There was enough suspense and danger to keep th..Show More »

    Reviewed on January 03 2012 by BA in LA (JEFFERSON, GA, United States)
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    Identity: Unknown | Suzanne Brockmann

    Identity: Unknown

    • UNABRIDGED (7 hrs and 39 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Kristin Watson Heintz

    Navy SEAL Mitchell Shaw woke up one morning with no clue as to who he was.And the items hidden in his possession were no help: an address, along with a .22 caliber side arm. The address led him to the Lazy 8 Ranch - and its beautiful manager, Becca Keyes, who made him believe he might have a future. Even if he wasn’t sure about his past. The gun was another story altogether....

    Narration is painful

    This story could have been a decent listen, nothing to be on the edge of your seat for, but an ok story. However....the narration was horrific. She wa..Show More »

    Reviewed on April 12 2011 by Natalie (Pensacola, FL)
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    Get Lucky | Suzanne Brockmann

    Get Lucky

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 2 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Elizabeth Livingston

    An unlikely state of affairs. For Navy SEAL Lucky O'Donlon was the original love-'em-and-leave-'em guy. Used to women swooning at his feet. So how could it be that the frustratingly attractive journalist Sydney Jameson had nothing to offer him but one very cold shoulder? Well, two could play at this game. But first things first - he and Sydney had a job to do. They had to get their man. Then there would be time enough for him to get his woman.

    I enjoyed this very much

    I enjoyed this very much. The story was good, funny at the right times and suspenceful at other times. Elizabeth Livingston has a very good voice and ..Show More »

    Reviewed on July 06 2011 by Renee C. Meyers ()
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    Taylor's Temptation | Suzanne Brockmann

    Taylor's Temptation

    • UNABRIDGED (7 hrs and 28 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Alexandra Fisher

    When it came to protecting the innocent, Bobby Taylor was your man. But when his best friend, Wes, asked him to keep an eye on his little sister, Bobby desperately wanted to pass. Because to him, gorgeous redhead Colleen Skelly didn't look like anyone's kid sister. He doubted she was innocent. And he wanted to keep more than just his eye on her....

    Painful narration

    This narrator is painful to hear. Her voice is a nasal grunt at best, even for the young women characters. It is hard to listen to a man who sounds l..Show More »

    Reviewed on May 05 2011 by pewter (California)
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    Night Watch | Suzanne Brockmann

    Night Watch

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 34 mins)
    • By Suzanne Brockmann
    • Narrated By Gayle Hendrix

    When U.S. Navy SEAL chief Wes Skelly was sent to L.A. on assignment, he agreed to go on a blind date with beautiful single mother Brittany Evans, sister-in-law of a fellow SEAL. After all, he had been secretly in love for years, albeit with a woman who belonged to another man. So what did he have to lose?

    Great book if you enjoy the Seals series -loved it

    U.S. Seal Wes Skelly, who you've met in previous books, goes on a blind date with Brittany, sister-in-law to U.S. Seal Harlan "Cowboy" Jones a..Show More »

    Reviewed on July 27 2011 by S. Schmidt (Florida)