UFOs and Close Encounters Interviews

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UFOs and Close Encounters: Interviews, Volume 1 Publisher's Summary

An amazing collection of interviews with highly credible investigators and witnesses of UFO encounters.

George Adamski: George Adamski (April 17, 1891- April 23, 1965) was a Polish-born American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed ships from other planets, met with friendly "Space Brothers", and to have taken flights with them. The first of the so-called contactees of the 1950s, he styled himself to be a "philosopher, teacher, student, and saucer researcher".

Daniel Fry: An American contactee who claimed he had multiple contacts with an alien and took a ride in a remotely piloted alien spacecraft on July 4, 1949.

George Van Tassle: A contactee, ufologist, and paranormal research leader who, in 1958, commenced building - but never completed - the Integratron, in the desert town of Landers, California. It was supposedly a domed time/energy machine built partially upon the theories of Nikola Tesla.

Orfeo Angelucci: One of the most unusual of the mid-1950s contactees who claimed to be in contact with extraterrestrials.

Dan Martin: A 1955 Texas contactee who, according to Long John Nebel, a radio talk-show host of the day who knew and interviewed most of them, "was at the other end of the spectrum from Orfeo Angelucci."

Frank Edwards: After World War II, the Mutual Broadcasting System hired Edwards to host a nationwide news and opinion program sponsored by the American Federation of Labor. Edwards' program was a success, and became nationally popular. An American writer and broadcaster, and one of the pioneers of radio, late in his life, he became well known for a series of books about UFOs.

Donald Keyhoe: Well known as an engaged, knowledgeable UFO researcher, arguing that the U.S. government should conduct appropriate research in UFO matters and should release all their UFO files.

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