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What Doesn't Kill You Publisher's Summary

"I just wanted to be normal, but the day college started a supernatural world opened up. Now I don't know who to trust...or even if I'll survive the night." 

A new urban fantasy series from the award-winning screenwriter of ground-breaking BBC TV series Spirit Warriors

When Marley moves into her dorm at Blackville University, she has classes to sign up for, parties to attend, and an over-protective father to avoid, who, as luck would have it, has just been hired at BU as its newest history professor. 

While trying to befriend her roommate, Marley discovers that Cassie might just be the oddest - if richest - girl she's ever known. Then there's Eve, the older girl with a mysterious past who hides her true face under layers of makeup and a bitchy attitude. Thank God for Tyler, who seems nice and has the kind of hair Marley would kill for, or she would think college life was a bust already. 

After a disastrous night out ends with them all thrown together for the first time, something happens that no one expected. Something magical. And suddenly they discover they each have been gifted with strange new powers - but why? And who is the mysterious good-looking stranger who seems to know far more than he is willing to tell them? 

One thing's for sure: Saving the world has never been this twisted! 

Fans of The Mortal Instruments, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Pretty Little Liars will love this thrilling new series! 

Written like your favorite CW or Netflix show, expect thrills and heart-thumping romance as well as epic twists and turns that will keep you guessing!

©2018 Jo Ho (P)2018 Jo Ho
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