The Rectify Series

5 books in series
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The Rectify Series (2 Book Series) Publisher's Summary

From Book 1: The virus CO-D4 rages across the globe with debilitating effects. Authorities, scientists and medical personnel scramble to find a cure. Those who fall victim to the virus, experience a fast and insufferable death and then they come back.

Chaos erupts and the world moves to the brink of extinction until the realization that a cure is not the answer, containing the crises is. The virus is not just a pandemic, it’s a war. The battle is on, front lines are drawn and mankind holds the upper hand. Controlling the victims before they rise is the only way to stop it. 

But Doctor June Mannis doesn’t believe that. She sees something else in the victims…hope. She is a lone soldier in a private war that will prove to be either insanity or humanity’s turning point. 

From Book 2: When the CO-D4 virus rages across the globe, it not only leaves behind death and destruction, it creates three types of survivors. Those who want to see the infected die, those who want to help the sick, and those who want humanity to rise above it all.

In the wake of his friend and colleague’s rectification, Doctor James Ung is one of those who wants the best of humanity. His struggle to help others becomes increasingly difficult by the day as the rate of infected grows.

Major Tom Leland wants to kill all those with CO-D4 until he meets June Mannis. Her death opens his eyes to it all and he begins to see the virus differently. He forms an unlikely friendship with James Ung. The two of them fight to keep humanity together while not letting June Mannis’ work be in vain.

The untested cure is on the horizon. Will mankind be able to hold on that long? If that is, the cure actually works.  

©2018 Jacqueline Druga (P)2018 Jacqueline Druga
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