The Mysterious Benedict Society

5 books in series
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For Reynard “Reynie” Muldoon, an orphan with a love of puzzles and books, life isn’t too bad. But when he sees an ad in the paper for gifted children looking for special opportunities, his whole world is about to change.

After being presented with a series of odd and convoluted tests, Reynie is one of four gifted children to make it into the Mysterious Benedict Society. He meets George “Sticky” Washington, a walking encyclopedia; Kate Wetherall, a strong girl with an “always prepared” attitude; and Constance Contraire, a small girl who out-stubborns any problem put before her. Together, they are sent by the mysterious Mr. Benedict to investigate the source of a threat: messages transmitted directly into the minds of the populace by radio and television waves. They are tasked with infiltrating the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened to uncover and stop the source of these broadcasts. As the kids continue to work together, they discover their strengths as a team and sometimes make difficult choices to protect their friendship. Follow the awesome foursome on more secret missions and captivating adventures—an international scavenger hunt, a scramble for clues during a blackout to stop a nefarious plot, and more—in this captivating series for young listeners.

Del Roy, a long-time voice actor and personality, performs the first three audiobooks in the whimsical series, as well as one spin-off story. His lively and accomplished voice breathes an undeniable energy into each adventure, taking the listener through every dramatic twist and turn with ease. The fourth book in the series is read by voice actor Eric Pollins, whose smooth, rich voice carries on the legacy of bringing the Mysterious Benedict Society to life.

From an early age, author Trenton Lee Stewart had a love of writing, composing poems and short stories while in elementary school. After receiving a Bachelor’s in English and an MFA in creative writing, Stewart wrote his breakout second novel, The Mysterious Benedict Society. Stewart brings a sense of fun to writing the series, reflected in his clever code names for characters, like the pencil-like Number Two (a thin woman with a yellowish complexion, short-cropped red hair, and a stiff posture) and places, like Nomansan Island (a reference to the oft-quoted phrase, “No man is an island.”).

The Mysterious Benedict Society remained on the New York Times best seller list for more than a year after it was published, and each successive installment made the list as well. Beyond its quirky premise and appealing characters, the series is “rich in moral and ethical issues” (Kirkus Reviews), presenting interesting dilemmas in a way that’s easily digestible and engaging for young listeners.

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