The Legend of the Firewalker

2 books in series
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Steve Bevil’s The Legend of the Firewalker introduces us to Nathan Urye as his regular life in Cahokia Falls, Illinois is turned upside down after he has vivid nightmares about monsters chasing a beautiful girl. With friends Malick and Lafonda, he embarks on a quest that sees him taking the battle to Shadow Guards, Scarlet Priests, Soul Collectors and other terrors as they try to get to the bottom of the mystery of the medallion and some peculiar ancient prophecies.

They return (or some of them do) in the acclaimed follow-up Drawing Bloodlines, in which we join the friends on a flight to London to unravel the mysterious firewalker prophecy. It soon becomes clear that they are not mere observers of the mystery: they are the mystery. Will they ever be able to return to their comfortable lives back in the USA, or are they cursed to engage in this eternal battle for their entire lives?

Tristan Wright narrates the stories with a laid-back American tone that sets the scene perfectly. We’re dealing with everyday kids in extraordinary circumstances and Wright’s relatable delivery makes us identify and empathise with the characters.

The series is written by Steve Bevil, clearly an accomplished writer whose natural use of language and dialogue translates perfectly to the audiobook format. He’s clearly mastered the young adult tone of his fantasy paranormal genre. These works will appeal to anyone who’s up to date with the Percy Jackson universe and is seeking something a little different. Just make sure you listen with the lights on.

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