The Journals Trilogy

3 books in series
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Vengeance Publisher's Summary

I am a survivor. 

Ten years ago, my world was shattered. One night changed my life forever by a sadist who took everything from me, just because he could. And while he did this, a green-eyed stranger watched and did nothing…or so I thought. 

When my past and present collide, I am swept away by all the memories, horrors, and dreams of my past. 

I want revenge.

And finally, after all the years of pain and sacrifices I’ve had to make, an opportunity presents itself. Within a 24 hour period, my tormenter and my green-eyed watcher enter my life once again. 

Seeing this as my chance, I begin to make use of my blue journal, detailing my plans for revenge, taking matters into my own hands. Will I have what it takes to ignore what is right and wrong? To bring myself to make the men still alive pay for what they took from me? And how do I forgive the man I hold partially responsible when he’s the one supplying me with the means to get what I want? 

With only a small window of time available, I have to be ready to take back my life, consequences be damned.

Because of my anguished past, my present will always be filled with vengeance.

I am Quinn. This is my life — my story.

©December 19, 2015 Dawn Earley dba DM Earl (P)2020 Dawn Earley dba DM Earl
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