The Chasing Trilogy

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Chasing a Cure: A Zombie Novel Publisher's Summary

Everyone's lost someone to the outbreak.

Audra has a shot to get hers back.

It's a miracle when Lysent Corp develops a cure for the zombie virus.

A miracle that is years late and unbelievably expensive...and Audra's only chance to save her sister, Belinda, from the viral clutches of cannibalism and general decay. Unable to afford the treatment, Audra offers Belinda as collateral and signs up as a tagger, finding people's wandering zombie family members to be cured. If she delivers on the steep tagging quota, Lysent will cure Belinda.

Or, so the corporation says. Time proves the system is slanted against them, and Audra entertains another offer - a cure in return for bolstering a rebellion. Audra will fight tooth and limb to reach her sister, but if she doesn't successfully navigate the new world of the power-hungry and the dead, she could lose her to either side.

What happens when you stop running from zombies and start chasing them? Taking the zombie genre in a new and unexpected direction, Chasing a Cure is an undead ride with thrilling twists. Buy now.

©2017 Rebekah Hamrick (P)2019 Rebekah Hamrick
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