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The Forgotten Bomb Publisher's summary

This is a story about revenge against Russia. Revenge using a bomb, and not just any bomb but the most powerful bomb in the world.

In 1961 Russia built and exploded the biggest thermonuclear weapon in the world, a monster 58 Megaton bomb. They also secretly built a second bomb which they stored at a nuclear storage facility where it remained forgotten for 28 years. In 1989 Ukrainian conscripts stationed at the facility, accidentally find the arming codes and decide to steal the big bomb and destroy Moscow to pay back Russia for all the suffering that Ukraine had endured over the years, Holodomor, Chernobyl, etc. Although the conscripts are successful in acquiring the bomb, They, unfortunately, are not able to detonate it. Having to abandon the effort, they successfully hide the weapon. Two years later when the Soviet Union fell all the conspirators immigrate to the USA. It is not until 2022 that the theft is finally discovered and after a lengthy investigation, the Russians determine the theft was over 30 years ago and that the conspirators were Ukrainian conscripts who had since immigrated to the USA. To assist their investigation in finding the bomb, President Putin calls our President and request the help of the FBI to locate the criminals. At the President's request, the FBI assigns a top field agent, Peter Kanowsky, who is of Ukrainian descent, to oversee the search team. Unfortunately during his investigation, Peter not only learns the location of the bomb and how to set it off, but after his hearing the ongoing litany of the horrific suffering that Russia had imposed upon Ukraine, Peter decides it is his duty and obligation to his Ukrainian ancestry to go to Russia and personally set off the bomb.

Surprisingly to him he learns his plans mesh almost perfectly with the machinations of an ongoing high-level Russian plot.

What was different is Peter wants to set off the bomb immediately, and they want him to wait until Putin's 70th birthday celebration.

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