Syndicate Masters: La Cosa Nostra

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Syndicate Masters: La Cosa Nostra Box Set Publisher's summary

Meet the men and women of the Syndicate Masters: La Cosa Nostra. Their motto is family honor above all. They vow to protect their clans, and live by an oath of honor and loyalty. The men are gorgeous, dangerous beasts seeking their fated mates. The women they love are bold and brilliant. Their love blazes bright and hot.

Box set includes books one through three of Syndicate Masters: La Costa Nostra series

"Ruthless Honor": His power is absolute. No one crosses Roman Genovese and lives to tell about it.

Zia: I am a master thief, a cat burglar. I manage to get access to Genovese’s estate under false pretenses. He thinks I’m there to attend a fundraising gala. He’s wrong. What I want is a priceless Michelangelo he keeps in his study.

From the time I arrive at his estate, I am drawn to the compelling gangster in a way I have never experienced. Having sex with him was a mistake…a big mistake. He isn’t a man to let go of what is his, and there’s no question that I am.

But staying with him is not part of my plan.

Roman: From the moment she entered my home, I knew she would never leave. Her scent filled my nostrils, and I knew I had found my fated mate.

There are secrets hiding in her eyes, but I will discover them all.

She is mine. The bratva have taken her and are keeping her in a gilded cage. They mean to use her against me, forcing me to honor their demands. My tiger will show them the ruthless honor of La Cosa Nostra.

"Feral Oath": She has become the prey of the powerful head of a syndicate, and he means to make her his own.

Raffi: Betrayal and heartache have been my friends for far too long. I did what was needed to find my sisters and rebuild our family. I will not let one night of blazing passion get in the way of fulfilling the oath I made to find who murdered our parents.

He may have secrets, but I have secrets of my own.

Nico: She thinks she can say no to me and get away with it. She thinks she can walk away after an intense night of passion. One taste, and my beast knew she was ours. I don’t care what it takes.

A jaguar always captures its prey.

"Defiant Vow": She had long ago given up on finding her hero. He would make her believe in happy ever-after again.

Serena: There was a time, a very long time ago, when I believed in fairy tales and happily ever afters. Those dreams died a painful death the night my parents were murdered. I need to get close to Aries Borgia in order to get information about my parents’ murderer. What started as a sizzling affair on Aries' yacht tuns dangerous when we are attacked.

Aries: I am the head of the Lionheart Syndicate, and she is my fated mate. I know she is seeking information, but I will do what is needed to claim her. I will teach her to believe in dreams again.

Can they find their happy ever after before the murderers strike again?

©2023 Delta James (P)2023 Delta James
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  • Book 1

    • Syndicate Masters: La Cosa Nostra
    • By: Delta James
    • Narrated by: JT Farrell
    • Length: 6 hrs and 4 mins
    • Release date: 10-19-22
    • Language: English
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    • Syndicate Masters: La Cosa Nostra
    • By: Delta James
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    • Length: 5 hrs and 29 mins
    • Release date: 11-04-22
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