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Strategic Money Planning Publisher's Summary

Brenda, Kevin, and the kids were stuck.... Brenda had taken a 20 percent pay cut and was told by her boss she should feel "lucky to still have a job". 

But they were already living paycheck to paycheck. How were they going to get by with 20 percent less income? 

Move. Brenda was offered a great job six states away. They'd have to sell the house, though. But they didn't have much equity. The few offers they received were lower than what they owed. Can't sell a house if you can't pay off your loan. 

And then Brenda was in a wreck. She didn't die, but she was hurt...badly. Kevin was not prepared. Things were falling apart. 

If only someone, somewhere, would have shown them a better way.... 

Could this happen to you? Maybe not. But why take the chance? 

Do you always seem to have more money going out then coming in? Debt never seems to go down? Costs a lot of money to raise the kids, doesn't it? And you’re supposed to save for retirement! Never mind having this thing called an “emergency fund”. 

How do you do all this and pay the bills? What happens if you lose your job or get hurt, or your pay doesn’t keep up with your spending? It’s nerve wracking. 

I know it. I’ve been there, too. And while there are no magical solutions, there are some strategies overlooked by most Americans, and their financial advisors, I share with you. 

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