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Inside the Queen's Chamber Publisher's summary

The Illuminati, the Kabbalah, the Knights Templar, Freemasonry, Rosicrucian's, Jesuits, Buddhism, Hindu, and Ancient Egypt Sun Worship. What do they all have in common? The mystery religion; communicating to the divine by connecting to the celestial bodies. 

Inside the Queen’s Chamber (Solomon’s Key Trilogy, Book 1) is a Da Vinci Code styled conspiracy thriller that will capture the minds of the most ardent conspiracy enthusiasts. 

This mind thriller story is full of suspense and intrigue. Herald Clairvaux, a Professor of Theatre, bears witness to a startling event: a pentagram (a blazing star) appears before him conveying an obscure message. He tries to link the vision to the ill health of his Great Uncle Bernie, an elderly Jesuit Priest, who is Herald’s closest living relative. Several other visions appear. Desperate, he recruits the help of two close associates to make sense of these mysterious events. 

Herald's new adventure heads him down a path full of chaos. Herald’s Dying Uncle Bernie reveals information about a Harvard Grad gone missing 40 years earlier. He blames this all on "The Society of the Most High", an elite secret society within the Jesuits. Father Eugene, close friend to Uncle Bernie and a newly elected Most High member, reveals to Uncle Bernie about their dark deeds and actions. After Father Eugene mysteriously dies, Uncle Bernie pleads with Herald to stop a ceremony that is to take place; the ceremony of the ages, which will be the final installment in securing a New World Order where the Black Pope is to sit on its throne. 

The three reveal the mystery religion; a religion that spearheads all religions. They disclose the Illuminati as being the corrupt part of the Vatican linking them directly to the Jesuits and Freemasons. 

Their quest leads them to Rosslyn Chapel and Chartres Cathedral where they desperately decipher clues and Gothic styled artwork about the Knights Templars and "The Ark of the Covenant". At Chartres they go deep below the labyrinth of life to discover a hidden chamber adorned by the presence of a Black Madonna, the paganistic eternal feminine. Using principles from the Kabbalah, an ancient form of Judaic Mysticism, they decipher Solomon’s Key; the same key that the mysterious Fulcanelli had called the Philosopher’s Stone. 

Being guided by a ghost from the past, the three set off on a true spiritual adventure to stop the ceremony and to find out about the missing Harvard Grad; all against a backdrop of occultism, art theft, Conspiracy, a NWO plot and murder. 

Amidst all the chaos and confusion, the central character, Herald, slowly finds himself falling in love with his associate Sarah- they slowly and mystically connect their souls together. Their romance turns into a love story that is out of this world. 

Inside the Queen’s Chamber puts a new twist on conspiracy theory, taking you on a journey of love and spiritual transformation revealing a striking message of hope.

©2016 Frank G Srebot (P)2021 Frank G Srebot
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