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The Marrilian Publisher's Summary

Erica is forced to the backwater planet Quirni, where the locals don't even use metal forks despite being part of a tri-planet system of trade. Delegate law won't allow metal to be imported except for certain tasks and then with outrageous tariffs. Erica lives on the technological planet called Marril where thayanite poisons the air. Everyone leaves when they get sick, assuming they can afford a ticket, and everyone usually moves to Sirrus. She can't because she is still in exile, so she packs her bags, and moves to Quirni.

She will make the best of the move and become one of the fancy adventurers who visit Quirni for camping vacations. That way, she can spend some time traveling and learning about the planet and later she can buy a horse ranch and learn to ride. Shortly after she lands, she notices the Quirni treat her oddly. They stare at her and whisper while glancing her way.

Erica doesn't know her Quirni cousin was accused of killing 6,000 people and was acquitted. She was found "not guilty" by the judges, but the population believes the judges must have been intimidated by the Kinsleys or the Delegate. They believe Matilda is responsible and would gladly execute her since the High Council of Judges did not. 

Before Erica leaves the customs office, she realizes her error. Quirni think Erica is Matilda returned from whatever place she has been hiding. Erica's obvious Tenpole mannerisms do nothing to convince them she is not her cousin. She looks enough like her that Erica must flee into the wild forests and mountains.

Go with Erica as she fights to survive on a world that hates her. She must learn to avoid the tenants of Quirni as well as the vicious dogs that roam in the wilds. Her only hope is to travel far north out of the claimed territory, but rumors of Quirni's natural predators keep even the locals away.

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