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Head-strong Menolly is desperate to attend Harper Hall. Alas, in the fantasy world of Pern, it’s not a woman’s place to compose or sing. 

Forbidden from revealing her musical talents by her parents, Menolly sees no option but to flee her small fishing village. Taking refuge in the dangerous seaside caves, the teen stumbles across the legendary fire lizards of Pern and an unbreakable bond is formed. Join Menolly on her thrilling quest to learn the secrets of the Harpers and encounter a world of genetically engineered dragons, deathly Thread and telepathy.

This coming-of-age story by Anne McCaffrey is expertly relayed by a team of eloquent narrators. Sally Darling, Ryan Burke, Dick Hill, Emily Durante, Susan Ericksen and Mel Foster are just some of the names who bring the mysterious world of Pern to life through their captivating solo performances. With each narrator putting their own unique twist on their respective instalment, McCaffrey’s creations remain as fresh as when they were first released.

Even though the first Pern book was penned in the 1970s, McCaffrey’s exploration of gender roles can still be seen as largely relevant today. At the time of writing, the second wave feminism movement was in full swing and brought up questions around women’s rights in the home, at work and politically. McCaffrey’s brave central character, Menolly, reflected the zeitgeist of the time; keen to shed the traditional role society had planned for her, even at the expense of being shunned by her kin. 

One of the most celebrated fantasy authors of all time, McCaffrey’s stories have amassed millions of loyal fans and earned her the nickname of the Dragon Lady. Having won the Hugo and Nebula Award and topped the New York Times best seller list, the late author worked on some of her novels with her son, Todd McCaffrey.

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