Patten Bodyguards

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Slate Publisher's Summary

She woke a part of me I thought long dead.

“She pretty?”

“F###, yeah.”



“She into you?”

“Think so.”

“So, what’s the problem?”

“I kissed her.”

I specifically told the agency I wanted a male dog walker. She’s way too leggy. That’s the problem. And young. And naïve. I got no business letting her stay in my guesthouse, especially the way my blood runs south whenever she’s near. In another lifetime, I might’ve pursued her but I suck at relationships.

Unfortunately, my dog found a clue to a murder and she’s involved. If I don’t protect her, who will?

There’s something about Mr. Sexy and that over-the-top kiss. I’ve never felt anything so consuming, so mind-blowing. Then, he apologized. Now, he’s pissed. What the h3ll? How had my heart become so invested in so short a time?

Note: Steaming hot scenes, two wounded souls, and a slobbery puppy. HEA guaranteed.

©2018 Stella Marie Alden (P)2018 Stella Marie Alden
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