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Muddy Waters Publisher's Summary

Twenty years ago the boundary between worlds dropped. It will be a while before the political, social, and religious upheaval settles down, but the good news is now you can book a vacation to Valhalla as easily as you can go to Las Vegas. Your real estate agent might be a Wood Sprite. Your mechanic might be a Minotaur. For better or for worse, Supernormals are part of Earth life.

Five years ago Tessa Reddick was convicted of killing her entire family: 37 Witches from one of the most powerful covens in history. She's been locked up at Lakeland Psychiatric hospital, still grieving but mad as hell at whoever - or whatever - put her there.

Half an hour ago, a handsome FBI agent showed up to spring Tessa from the joint - but there's a price. A series of murders is picking off Supernormals, and the feds need the help of the last known Reddick Witch.

Determined to learn who set her up for the fall, help solve the FBI crimes, and maybe get closer to her mysterious (and seriously hot) Dark Elf partner, Tessa is more than willing to play witchy Nancy Drew.

But Tessa has few friends left, and something is coming for her, too - maybe it's the one who framed her and killed her coven or perhaps a new foe with a taste for Witch's blood.

Solving crimes, doing magic, drinking bourbon. It's dirty work, but somebody has to do it.

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