Nia Rivers Adventures

8 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 268 ratings

The Nia Rivers Adventures, Books 1-3 Publisher's Summary

This box set contains the first three books in the best-selling Nia Rivers Adventures by Jasmine Walt and Ines Johnson. This action-packed series features an immortal archaeologist and her tomb-raiding sidekick as they uncover lost artifacts, tangle with Greek gods, cross swords with Templar Knights, and much more!

The first three books in this box set include:

  • Book One: Dragon Bones
  • Meet Nia Rivers: archaeologist, fashionista, and an ancient immortal with a serious memory problem.

    For the last couple of centuries, Nia has been trying to fill in the blanks of her past by shedding light on history's darkest stories. Her motto: the ugliest stories are the ones that deserve to be told the most.

    But when a mysterious woman comes forth with a 200-year-old relic from Nia's past, Nia isn't sure if the story connected to it is one she wants told to the world. Unfortunately, Nia has no choice but to uncover the truth - fast - before a greedy land developer buries the site forever. The fact that he's also an immortal, with a millennia-old grudge against her, doesn't help. Neither do the dark assassins who have been stalking her for centuries, and who've suddenly decided to up their game to end her life.

    Letting her enemies have their way might be best for Nia, especially when the truth might expose a horrific crime from Nia's past. But all stories deserve to be told.

    Even the ugliest ones.

    Even if they say you might be a mass murderer.

  • Book Two: Demeter's Tablet
  • Nia Rivers knows that immortality comes at a cost. So when she finds out that the Greek gods have devised a way to offer everlasting life to humans, she heads down to Athens to find out more about the mysterious cult of Demeter.

    What she doesn't expect to learn about is her own involvement in the rituals.

    With her bestie, Loren, by her side, Nia must determine if the Olympians are the righteous gods they proclaim to be, or the villains in this chapter of history. The broken heart she's still nursing isn't helping. But if Nia can't get her head in the game, the Titans will rise again, and the souls of all humans on Earth will be at risk....

  • Book Three: Templar Scrolls
  • When an ancient relic of Camelot goes missing, who do Arthur and his knights call? Nia Rivers, ancient immortal and archaeologist extraordinaire, of course!

    Nia jumps at the chance to go to Camelot, especially since she's been banned in the past. Thankfully, Arthur is willing to let Nia's past breaches of his castle, theft attempts, and a certain debacle with his sword be bygones if she'll help him recover the Holy Grail. But as Nia strives to keep her fingers to herself, enemies from the past resurface in a race to acquire the ancient holy relic.

    ©2017 Jasmine Walt & Ines Johnson (P)2017 Jasmine Walt & Ines Johnson
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