Lockey vs the Apocalypse

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Lockey vs the Apocalypse Omnibus Publisher's summary

Before the apocalypse is all said and done, it's going to have to survive Lockey.

Meet Erin Locke, snark-filled resident of Northwest England and general ignorer of social norms. All's going well enough for her on June 23, but then some people died, and then more people died, and then those people stopped being dead, and then the biting kicked in, and before you know it she's fighting zombies, leaping over walls and climbing to rooftops to stay alive.

But it's not just about staying alive, and after she befriends Particles the pug (don't worry, he lives) and Nate (former SAS operator who is the Yin to her Yang) Lockey comes to the realization that it isn't enough to hide, and loot canned goods.

She can build a future.

One worth fighting for.

All three books in this set are set in the Adrian's Undead Diary universe, and are edited by creator Chris Philbrook. Lockey's story tells of the English apocalypse, in step with Adrian's American experience.

Contained within:

No More Heroes:

On June 23, the dead inexplicably awaken with murderous resolve. For the first days, Erin Locke—Lockey to her friends—survives alone as England collapses with shocking speed.

With her sense of humor, goofy insights, and can-do attitude, she chronicles her adventures in a journal to keep her spirits and sanity intact. She befriends retired Royal Marine Nate Carter, and the unlikely duo find themselves a place to call home.

Her new security is threatened by an encounter with survivors that ends in blood, and a vengeful hunt by the dead man’s brother begins. After skirmishes with the feudal lord of their new lawless land, they learn they're the only chance of salvation for innocents enslaved by the warlord and are forced to act.

There are no heroes left, so it's up to a fast-talking, foul-mouthed woman and a deadly, middle-aged ex-marine.

We Will Rise:

Grieving tragic loss, Lockey and Nate shift to acquiring resources for their new community’s survival, but something dark stirs.

An eerie shift in the behaviour of the dead makes Lockey’s apocalypse experience feel personal, and she has no idea why she appears to be the sole target for their rage.

Convinced something otherworldly is at play, yet torn by questions she can’t answer, Lockey puts her boundless energy into building a safe home for her people. It's fleeting though, for a new threat, obsessed with dominion over the dwindling number of locals appears.

Investigating this new peril while searching for survivors - and hoping for answers to the questions that plague her days—Lockey and Nate discover this threat is far more menacing than they could imagine....

...as dreams of light and dark commence.

The Devil's Due:

Lockey’s community continues to expand, but clashes with others increase in intensity. Reunited with old friends and finding new, things take a dark turn when the Nomads take a personal interest in her. Selected by an unknowable force to lead one of humanity’s last bastions of defense in a war against the dead, the Dark will use any weapon to ensure her failure.

As Lockey and Nate search for the final member of their mystical trio, their dreams haunted by ghosts, the Nomad threat grows, putting Lockey’s heart through its worst crucible yet.

Despite the eruption of conflicts, Lockey’s confrontation with Maddock is inevitable: both are champions for the forces at play. Countless lives depend on the outcome; one a flame of hope for humanity, the other a warlord of the dead.

©2020, 2021 Carl Meadows (P)2023 Chris Philbrook
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  • Book 2

    • An Adrian's Undead Diary Novel (Lockey vs the Apocalypse, Book 2)
    • By: Carl Meadows
    • Narrated by: Danielle Cohen
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    • Release date: 06-02-21
    • Language: English
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    • An Adrian's Undead Diary Novel (Lockey vs the Apocalypse, Book 3)
    • By: Carl Meadows
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    • Length: 11 hrs and 36 mins
    • Release date: 12-15-21
    • Language: English
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