Gunner Fox Trilogy

3 books in series
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Asteroid: Discovery Publisher's Summary

Gunner Fox finds himself in a place of darkness, without a reason to live. Until now. 

An asteroid is on a collision course with our planet.

Gunner Fox is on a collision course with death. 

International best-selling author, Bobby Akart, introduces Gunner Fox, a United States Air Force fighter pilot and Earth Scientist. When America needs a hero, they turn to a man who has nothing to live for, without a care in the world - except to save it. 

Somewhere out there, an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. Five times in the history of our planet, extinction-level events have occurred, arguably all of which have been caused by asteroids. 

Will we be ready to meet it? We'll get just one chance to defend ourselves. Will we succeed?

In Bobby Akart's Asteroid series, he serves up hard evidence for the astonishing fragility of life and a humbling lesson for us all. It shows we are at the mercy of forces we do not see nor understand; forces that made our existence possible a few hundred thousand years ago and that just as quickly - in the twinkling of an eye - can and will one day, take us out.

A pause-resisting trilogy from a master storyteller, this new Gunner Fox series begins with Asteroid Discovery.

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