Gauntlet Wars

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Gauntlet Wars Publisher's summary

Greek gods, space mages, and galactic warfare!

Earth has long ago expanded into space, found, fought, and befriended aliens, and expanded across the galaxy to dominate most of it, but one of the semi-immortal warlords who founded it is about to have a revelation as the "Endgame" that has been whispered between various advanced civilizations lands squarely on his shoulders.

The Empire knew this was coming, but they had no idea the scope of it. Lightside civilizations are always hounded and attacked by those who revel in evil, but when the Endgame starts, it's a beatdown like no other coming from outside the galaxy, as an unlimited number of evil empires hidden away from everyone else suddenly emerge to eradicate you before heading back to their lairs and waiting for the next Endgame to happen...or anyone else that their hidden masters tell them to destroy.

And who better to explain the Endgame than Zeus himself. One moment the warlord thinks he's pretty much at the top of the power scale and suddenly a god who has dominion over thousands of galaxies reveals a whole pantheon of individuals chosen and elevated to god status by the universe to help nudge the "players" in the game of life this way and that.

Oh, and if this warlord happens to die in the coming battles, he will also get promoted and become a Zeus himself...a long, long ways away in a different realm that has a vacancy, for the "gods" are merely positions the universe has created and it fills them as it sees the need.

But the warlord has no intention of dying. He and his brothers and sisters have an empire, let alone the galaxy under their dominion, to protect against a gauntlet of incoming invasions from a source that Zeus acknowledges should not exist. He claims the universe made a mistake long ago, and that this realm has been suffering from it ever since...and the source behind these invasions is actually an Endgame creation gone awry, but neither the universe nor Zeus has the power to stop it.

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