Familiar Magic

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Lust Witches #1: A Men's Urban Fantasy Adventure (Familiar Magic) Publisher's summary

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A mysterious book from a long-forgotten uncle upends junior accountant Marion Baldwin’s life. His only chance at survival will require supernatural bondings with exotic witches.

Marion Baldwin, Mars to his friends, has built a nice, safe life that guarantees a slow path to moderate wealth, two-point-five kids, a house in the suburbs, and a wife on the PTA. In other words, he’s bored beyond reason and has no idea how to turn away from his dismal future.

Life changes dramatically for Mars when one fateful Saturday morning, a messenger delivers a book entitled Familiar Magic, a Guide. The book is ancient, and while Mars suspects it’s valuable, he has no idea just how far off the rails things are about to get. You see, ownership of a Familiar’s Guide has marked Mars as magical familiar, and no, it doesn’t turn him into a cat. Much the opposite, it marks him as an extremely rare individual, capable of expanding a witch’s power and training her on the most powerful spells available.

Of course, the real problem with becoming an unbonded familiar is that witches from all over the globe will hunt him down for the power they’d gain. Like chum in shark-infested waters, he’s finally hunted down by another familiar, Niles Dunn, uses Mars’ inexperience against him and takes away Mars’ choice by forcing a bond between him and a petite, sassy witch.

What the mystical world doesn’t understand is; Mars has a gift that’s never been seen before. He’s not limited to bonding with a single witch. And when his new nemesis, Niles, kidnaps a trio of witches Mars has just met, it’s game on.

Lust Witches is a story with unconventional relationships and unvarnished descriptions of intimate moments. There are adult themes and moral ambiguities.

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