EMP No Power Series

4 books in series
3.5 out of 5 stars 130 ratings

After the EMP: Survival in a Powerless World Boxset Publisher's Summary

What happens when all means of transportation and communication suddenly vanish? What happens when you can’t call for help? What happens when the only person you can rely on is yourself? What happens when an EMP sends Washington DC back into the stone age? Find out now with this collection of addictive EMP thrillers. 

EMP No Power

An EMP explodes over Washington DC and the world comes to screeching halt. As society falls into disarray, Harper Murphy, a skilled army quartermaster/single mother, charges headlong into the escalating chaos to save the only thing she holds dear: her son. In a world rife with chaos, how far would a mother go to protect her family? 


Losing power was only the beginning; now one couple must work together to survive.

James and Marla Weller are preparing for a relaxing weekend, when an unexpected blackout spreads far beyond their St. Louis suburb and starts a devastating chain reaction. But the disabled power grid was only the beginning of a national nightmare as their vehicles and cell phones won’t function either. A series of building explosions rock downtown, leading to a mandatory evacuation. 

Amid the chaos, the young couple must make a decision on where to go. A possible solution emerges when a self-proclaimed survivalist offers them refuge in his remote cabin far from the city and away from the chaos. But James and Marla soon discover that survival isn’t as clear as they think, and that escape can lead to dangers all its own.

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