Druid Twilight

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Druid Twilight: The Loom of Destiny, Book Two Publisher's Summary

Book Two of Druid Twilight: The Loom of Destiny continues the epic journey to first century Ancient Britain, a fictional story set in a pivotal historic time. The key characters, Caedwyn and Brianna, each with long Druidic ancestry, are at the center of a re-awakening of ancient powers that some believe will result in an apocalyptic catastrophe for the world. 

In Book Two, the death of King Prasutagus ignites a flame of betrayal that will burn through the lands. Untested Druidic leaders and warriors face the most powerful army in the world. For the Romans, the outcome of war on two fronts will set the momentum of the future of Britain, and indeed, the rest of the world. 

And within this military and political struggle lies the personal stories of Caedwyn and Brianna, their companions, and the Elders who continue to struggle with their responsibilities of the present and for the future. 

Druid Twilight is an allegorical tale of our times: an age of transition in which ancient powers conflict with the emergence of a new way, a new system of beliefs that may either engulf the archaic ways or force their unexpected expansion. Nature, the elements, and even time itself are at play in this intense shamanic narrative. 

A love story at heart, Druid Twilight: The Loom of Destiny is a tale of the clash of enormous powers, of betrayal, retribution, and rebirth.

©2013 Gerry C Starnes (P)2020 Gerry C Starnes
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