Deathstalker Demigods

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Rise of the Deathstalkers Publisher's Summary

Previously published as Rise of the Night Stalkers by Kurtis Eckstein

Genres: LitRPG / gamelit, post-apocalyptic, adventure fantasy

A male Deathstalker regains consciousness....

Waking up to discover the apocalypse had begun, and to find that I was no longer human, was not how I thought my day would go. But then again, I supposed I was thankful to just have another day to begin with, considering I’d apparently been a mindless monster for the last several months.

The city was a mess, with many buildings destroyed by massive black towers that rose into the sky like enormous thorns. And yet, despite all this, I was about to discover that the monsters and bizarre landscape weren’t the strangest things about the apocalypse.

At least, not if the visual hallucination that displayed game-like stats counted.


As she got into position to strike, I quickly realized that stalking must truly come naturally to our kind, because the little demon proceeded to expertly sneak up on the man like a ninja, leaping onto his back and sinking her teeth into his neck.

I could hear the snap from here, as she broke his spine at the base of his skull, dropping him to the ground in an instant. However, the fact that I could hear it so loudly also meant that the other man did too.

He whipped his head around, just in time to see a four-legged creature dash behind another car.

Crying out in shock, he fired his gun a few shots after she had already vanished, only to run over to his partner in crime, continuing to point his weapon towards the car.

Little did he realize that she was already on the move the moment he glanced away.

Rise of the Deathstalkers is a full-length novel.

Genres: LitRPG / gamelit, post-apocalyptic, adventure fantasy

©2020 Kurtis Eckstein (P)2021 Kurtis Eckstein
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