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Death Row Innocence?: Criminal Justice or In-Justice Publisher's summary

Are all prisoners on death row really guilty of the crimes they’ve been convicted of?

Raise your awareness, let your voice be heard, and be an advocate of fair justice.

What happens if an individual is proven innocent after capital punishment has already been carried out?

According to Pew Research Center, 78 percent of US adults are not convinced of the fairness of the death penalty.

63 percent of them also say they doubt its effectiveness as a deterrent to heinous crimes.

Do you share the same views?

Or do you have complete trust in the judicial process?

If you’re looking to broaden your grasp of this subject matter, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you’ll find an intriguing analysis of some of the most complex and controversial cases involving the death penalty.

Through it, you will either be forced to reconsider your long-held perceptions...or find solid support for beliefs you’ve always deemed factual.

Either way, you will gain plenty of insights into the legal, moral, social, and personal implications of this type of criminal case.

In Death Row Innocence? Justice or In-Justice, you will discover:

  • 10 gripping stories of people sentenced to death - and how each illustrates the intricate workings (and failures) of the system
  • How race and gender have always influenced the way crimes are handled in court
  • Why common perspectives about fairness and justice don’t always align with legal definitions - and how this complicates criminal cases for everyone 
  • The truth about the constitutional ban on capital punishment for inmates with a mental illness - and how it leads to injustice rather than justice
  • What the judicial system is doing to correct mistakes made in the past regarding the handling of serious crimes
  • Shocking details on some of the most controversial criminal cases ever including serial killings
  • How unfair convictions can result from false testimonies or coerced confessions
  • How the integrity and motives of witnesses can influence an investigation
  • How evidence mishandling can drastically influence the results of an investigation or trial
  • What the institution provides after overturning a wrongful conviction - is it enough to compensate for the irreparable damage done?
  • What about those exonerated after an execution has been carried out?
  • Actual cases, facts, and outcomes that will open your eyes to the cold reality of legal justice
  • And much more.

It’s natural to feel this is beyond your everyday existence and that there is nothing you can do, personally, to be actively involved.

But as you’re about to uncover, there is much you can do to support various causes and organizations all working toward the same goal of realizing true justice in our society.

The first step, however, is to immerse yourself in the facts and contexts relevant to the issues.

If you’re eager to do your part in the collective effort to bring about much-needed change to the justice system, then click “buy” right now.

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