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Zechariah’s Spring Publisher's summary

Cora is ready to prove that she’s more than her name, but it is almost impossible for people to believe she’s at the law firm for any other reason. That’s what happens when your family name is on the masthead. If she can work a deal with Zechariah Tyson, though, the man who owns a mountain filled with high demand resources, nobody will ever be able to question her abilities or her right to be at the firm based on her merits. It’s a foolproof plan, except for one thing she didn’t expect. 

Zechariah Tyson! 

The man has to be the most infuriating human being on the planet, and nothing she tries makes any headway with him at all. He isn’t motivated by the money he could make, and everything she says about it seems to just roll right off him. No matter what happens, though, she has to make it happen. She’s not the kind of girl who takes no for an answer. 

And if he thinks being handsome, sexy, and brilliant is going to sway her, he’s got another thing coming! 

Would you like a little peak? 

I sighed. “Zechariah, please tell me something.” 


“What would it take to get you to consider the deal?” 

“I already have considered the deal, Cora.” 

I fought back another stronger urge to smack the knowing smile off his face and forced the sudden realization out of my head that kissing him would also accomplish a change in his expression. I ended up just staring at him for a moment. The real problem, I realized, was I wanted to kiss him just as much as I wanted to smack him. I really hated that because I wasn’t some silly stupid schoolgirl to let myself swoon over some damned stereotype. 

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