Chronicles of Zofia Trickenbod

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Spell of the Black Unicorn Publisher's Summary

Zofia Trickenbod is a sorceress from another planet living here on modern-day Earth (which leads to a lot of lying). She's trying to keep the Stone of Irdisi (the most powerful magical implement from her world, of which she is the current keeper), out of the hands of the ex-Dark Lord Vesselvod Blood's grasp, risking life and better judgment in order to do so. Blood wants the Stone so as to become all-powerful again (what's up with these dark lords, anyway?)

For the past five years, Dorian, her husband, has been thought to be dead. So, when he returns as an “undead”, Zofia is a bit miffed (more than mildly) at him for not getting word to her so that she wouldn't try and make a new life for herself on this strange planet where she and her offspring can't practice magic in the open (and where a nosy neighbor calls in the police if she so much as sneezes).

But after a while, she gets used to Dorian being a vampire. In fact, he's quite good at it, along with being something of a scoundrel. But he needs his powers back, which means he has to become human again. Zofia and her Aunt Tillie team up to find a spell and potion that can return him to the living. But before they can give it to him, he becomes a prime suspect in a murder investigation and is put in jail.

Her cop boyfriend Richard (yes, her life is just full of crazy events) finds it difficult to accept that Zofia's husband just happened to return after she'd told him he was dead. So, when Dorian disappears from his jail, Richard is determined to find him and stalks Zofia and searches her house.

Not to forget our mythical creature, the black unicorn, which is spotted early on - a warning that Blood is in the vicinity, as the creature goes where he goes, hoping to get his white coat back. This causes alarm in the family. Meanwhile, the unicorn becomes infatuated with Zofia's 16-year old daughter Blanche. When nosy neighbor Lolly spots the animal, it's just another excuse for her to call the police.

Did I mention the men in Zofia's life? The list is as follows: her husband Dorian, who is now a vampire and puts the moves on her; Richard, cop and now ex-boyfriend who makes things complicated; an amorous demon Erebus, who wants something in return for her son's soul (bet you can't guess what), and the part-god/wizard Stephen, who has the hots for her, and she resists the best she can.

A light fantasy with adult themes that might remind one of the TV show Bewitched, but it has it's own brand of humor, spell-casting, and adventure.

©2013 Lorelei Bell (P)2020 Lorelei Bell
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