Camp Shifter

4 books in series
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Camp Shifter Boxed Set (Books 1-3) Publisher's Summary

Welcome to Camp Shifter… where you’ll change in more ways than one.

A camp where you go for a month and come out forever changed, with a fated mate and your true soul mate attached to you forever?

Where’s the sign-up form?

But there’s a catch: in this shifter world, you find out you’re a shifter in one of two mysterious ways… and you fall in love through pure acts of fate.

Welcome to this boxed set, full of stories featuring lots of insta-love, fated mates, enemies-to-lovers, rejected mates, and so much more.

Each book is a play on rock songs, with:

Owl Be Bear for You

Librarian Mara Scioto lives a nice, neat, orderly existence—except when she’s being attacked by uncontrolled male shifters who need to mate.

Pesky little detail, right?

Raised by a grandmother who hates all shifters, she has one wish: to make it past the age of 25 without experiencing The Morph that tells you you’re one of them.

And then the letter from Camp Shifter arrives with her name on it...

Orthopedic surgeon in training Jack Karsten is waiting to see if he’ll follow in his shifter brother’s footsteps. Being a shifter won’t be so bad, if that’s his destiny, but when he meets Mara, he realizes that fate and love don’t always align.

But love always wins.

It can be a bear of an ordeal sorting it all out, but if anyone can help, it’s the staff at Camp Shifter. While they’ll train Jack and Mara on the ways of shifter life, there’s one thing they can’t teach them:

How to get out of their own way and let love leave them changed.


You Shook Me Howl Night Long

Eliot “Pole” Elianzo is a god in college football, and he knows it.

Too bad he’s also a polar bear.

The Morph happens on national television, right after a pro team picks him in the draft. It’s official–Pole is a shifter.

And boy, is he livid.

He can’t choose practice over his mandatory stay at Camp Shifter, but he sure can make camp a nightmare for everyone.

Especially the hot ash blonde who’s teaching Undressed in Public 101 classes.

Risa Devaneau can’t believe Pole’s in her class, in the first row, and very, very undressed. The former sportscaster and wolf shifter ran away from her testosterone-filled career for the quiet peace of Camp Shifter. Sure, teaching people how to be undressed in public isn’t exactly the most prestigious job, but it got her away from the city. From her overly controlling politician father. From her past.

From Pole.

And here he is, smirking at her, front and center.

In his birthday suit.

DarkNight of the Moon

He lurks in shadows and mystery at Camp Shifter, coming out only during DarkNight, the wild, bacchanalian free-for-all where anything goes.


No one has seen him in the daylight, no one knows where he lives, no one knows his name–and the shifter nicknamed DarkLover by women, DarkDude by men, will do anything to keep it that way.

Andie Cumbington has been waiting her whole life for The Letter. One of the few shifters who is ecstatic about her newfound status, the chestnut-haired ballerina bear shifter arrives for her month at Camp Shifter with unbridled excitement. On her first DarkNight, she finds wild passion and–to her surprise–so much more, with a stranger who touches her heart as much as he lights up her body.

And then he’s gone, back into the shadows, hidden.

Exactly where he wants to be.

Craving his touch with an insatiable desire, Andie can’t let go. She always wanted the roll in the hay, but she never imagined the passion would be so intense.

Fate drives her to find love.

Then a simple errand turns into mortal danger for Andie, and an impossible choice as DarkLover must overcome his biggest fear in order to save the woman he loves.

But will it be too late? 

©2017, 2018, 2020 DJ Jennings (P)2022 DJ Jennings
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