Baer Creighton

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My Brother's Destroyer Publisher's Summary

"Immersive.... Brutal.... Primal." (Kirkus Reviews)

Ever since his brother electrocuted him as a boy, Baer Creighton feels an electric tingle when people lie to him. He lives in the woods, stills unrivaled moonshine, and limits human contact to regular buyers, his niece Mae, and her three kids. It’s a good life, sharing humor and philosophy with his sole companion Fred, a back-sassin' pit bull getting on in years, until Fred goes missing then arrives dumped in a ditch, a victim of a local dog-fighting ring. 

Armed with a Smith & Wesson, audacity, and a moonshiner's know-how, Baer hunts the dog thief. Was it Cory Smylie, pothead son of the Gleason police chief - who resented Baer for making him treat Mae right? Or Baer’s brother Larry, whose real feud with Baer started not with the prank electrocution but back 30 years to when Baer stole Ruth and Larry stole her back? Maybe it was Joe Stipe or one of those lugnuts he kept at his side like a private Secret Service? Stipe ran the dogfights, exerted a heavy influence on every form of backwoods commerce, and a couple years ago, tried to muscle Baer out of his stillin' operation. 

Convinced justice must be proportional, Baer seeks the truth. But he tips his hand and begins a war of attrition against a cabal steeped in blood sport and thirsty for violence....

With his niece in danger, the ex-love-of-his-life Ruth missing - either dead or plotting against him - and all the town's finest trying to burn him down or shoot him on sight, Baer vows to bring a reckoning to every man present at the fight ring. 

Though vengeance doesn't come easy for Baer comes. And when you discover who stole Fred, you’ll know you’ve found a new master of the dark surreal. 

"My Brother's Destroyer is a fantastic read, and I highly recommend it for your next book." (Manhattan Book Review)

"I was left completely in awe." (Seattle Book Review)

©2013 Clayton Lindemuth (P)2018 Clayton Lindemuth
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