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Alterlife Box Set: Alterlife Books 1-3 Publisher's Summary

Alterlife Box Set: Alterlife Books 1-3


The chance of a lifetime...

To live in a thrilling world of adventure...

One with endless possibilities.

Down on his luck and with his back against a wall, John Crussel would do anything to provide for his family.

Even rob a bank out of desperation.

But when he hears of how he can make money in a virtual reality video game called Alterlife, he walks away from the robbery and decides to give it a shot.

Couldn't be harder than robbing a bank, could it?

John's world is about to change as he finds that Alterlife is easier than it seems.

But being a hotshot new guy that seems to have all the luck draws the attention of some dangerous people in Alterlife - ones that want what he has and are willing to do anything for it.

Through a series of unfortunate events, John becomes the first to contract a deadly virus.

Now he only has 10 days to live.

He soon finds himself tied to a sinister plot and realizes that his misfortune may not be a coincidence.

The virus was designed to kill players outside of the game. And John was targeted to be a carrier.

Can he rid himself of the virus before time runs out?

All John Crussel wanted was to make some easy money.

He thought Alterlife was just a game...

Alterlife II:

John Crussel has established himself as one of the most powerful players in the game, known in Alterlife as Ace the Great. But his quest for freedom came at a price. By unleashing the virus, thousands of lives were lost, and their blood is on his hands.

Time has passed, and with it, the deaths seemed to have stopped - the virus is no more. Prosperity has returned to Alterlife, and to John's life.

But the Gamemasters haven't forgotten about Ace the Great and what he has done. They lie in wait, patient and calculating. They seek to avenge their fallen brother, and are willing to use every tool in their arsenal to deliver justice - even unleashing the gods themselves upon Alterlife.

John Crussel thinks everything is back to normal. But there's a war coming to his doorstep.

And he doesn't even see it coming.

Alterlife III:

John Crussel lost. And his family paid the price. He's through with Alterlife.

That is until Deakins convinces him to meet Giovisi - a strange and meticulous man who operates a cleaning business. It also happens that he's the Guildmaster of the Saviors - a mysterious guild in an even more mysterious place.

Giovisi convinces John that the threat still remains; the virus is still in Afterlife. He warns that, soon, the Gamemasters will raise Thal, the God of War, and when they do, the virus will be unleashed upon all of Alterlife and the real world as well, ushering in the demise of the human race.

The countdown to the Blood Moon has begun; the gods' rite will bring mankind's doom. And they've got the aid of the Soldiers of Justice and the King's Blood - the two largest guilds in Alterlife.

With tremendous odds stacked against them, it's up to John Crussel and the Saviors to stop the gods before it's too late.

Game on.

©2020 Matt Moss (P)2021 Matt Moss
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