A Story Tree Cozy Mystery

6 books in series
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Story Tree Cozy Mysteries Publisher's Summary

Story Tree Cozy Mysteries box set includes the first three books in the series: Books, Brownies and Murder, Books, Scones and Murder, and Books, Canapés and Murder.

1. Books, Brownies and Murder

Everyone in Valley Springs knows that the brownies at Story Tree are to die for, so why are they so surprised when it turns out to be true?

Clary St. James is content with her life in Valley Springs and her flourishing bookstore. She’s content, not bored. And if she keeps repeating that to herself, one day it might just be true. 

Everything changes one snowy afternoon, when a handsome stranger takes up residence next door. Tall, dark, handsome, and arrogant, he rolls into town like he owns the place. Before she can complain too much, Valley Springs is rocked by an unexpected murder of a local man.

All eyes turn to Clary’s bookstore cafe when it’s revealed that lethal brownies were the murder weapon. The once-revered brownies become an object of suspicion, and Clary is forced to defend her talented chef and friend Marie. It’s a race against the clock as the evidence keeps mounting and secrets come to light. 

Death by chocolate was supposed to be a marketing scheme, not a promise. 

Will Clary find the truth? Is her faith in her chef misplaced? And what’s happening next door?

2. Books, Scones and Murder

 Story Tree bookstore and café is unlike any bookstore in the country. It’s a haven for fan societies of every sort. This weekend, Clary is hosting the Agatha Christie Appreciation Society. This means two things: Marie is baking orange and fig scones and stocking up on Devonshire cream. And there’s a whole lot of amateur detectives running around.

The chaos is aggravated by the arrival of a flamboyant up-and-coming writer who manages to insult everyone she meets in one breath. No one likes Valerie Lawless, but it’s still a shock when she turns up dead.The mystery becomes even more tantalizing when Clary realizes that the murder echoes what Valerie wrote about. 

Not only are there eerie similarities, but someone seems intent on recreating every detail of the author’s work. Reality and fiction are dangerously blurred as Clary races against the clock to find out who wanted the author dead. 

Will she find the murderer before all the fans migrate home? And, will she be able to find the truth before tensions snap in their small town? 

3. Books, Canapés and Murder

The small town of Valley Springs invites more mayhem than you’d think, and nothing is what it seems. The community elite are invited to a masquerade ball, and the secretive host promises that a mystery will be solved by the end of the night. With everyone high on anticipation, it shouldn’t be a surprise when Clary stumbles upon a dead body.

To avoid panic, she and the police chief race against the clock before the masked murderer can disappear into the night. It’s said that a person becomes who he really is when he wears a mask. It’s too bad that Clary has to deal with a roomful of people revealing their true selves!

Will they find the masked murderer? Will they win the race against the clock? Or, will the night end with the mystery unsolved? 

Find out as Clary chases criminals, canapés, and crafty liars. 

©2020 Lori Woods (P)2020 Lori Woods
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